Tier X – MONTANA || 9 KILLS || World of Warships

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Player: [STEG]BattlenatOr
Map: Hotspot

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  1. What voice have the Battleship

  2. sitting there waiting for that last kill lol

  3. 9 kills… but less than 150k damage so doesn’t mean anything aha

  4. Kill steal at its finest

  5. poorly 150k dmg. just banging

  6. Георгий Шевкунов

    Не насасала, а подарили… Вот на что похож этот бой.

  7. Валерий Сафонов

    Да, хрень полная у меня частенько под 150- 200тыс. и ноль фрагов.

  8. this fuck was weak . he went after low health targets , and was verry lucky not to be deleted by the montana at the end .

  9. Most kills stolen

  10. Javier Arranz Valentín

    el mejor roba bajas que he visto en mi vida?

  11. Use spotter plane and u can predict the position of the smoke spammer more accurately

  12. king of kill secure, and weird use of repairs…

  13. What a retard waiting all the time to killseal ships and waste his god damn 30sec reload on 100% sure dead ships G fucking G

  14. nice killstealreplay……

  15. …. dud this guy just steals his kills …

  16. Julian van der Plas

    the only moment he played well was on 14:57 where he pre-dodged the torps by knowing the destroyers position, for the rest… killstealer:(

  17. Евгений Горбунов

    А концовка? Сколько опыта, серебра, где?

  18. Andres Farid Salinas

    robo muchas muertes y espero a q le bajaran vida al Montana para él robar la muerte

  19. Spent a lot of time pwning low health targets from long range. Great ship, poor captain.

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