Time to Nuke the World of Warships Economy and Start Over

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The economy is out of control and their is only one solution to fixing it. Nuke the bloody thing and start over. When Submarines arrive its the perfect time for World of Warships 2.0 complete with a fresh economy.

Also, here’s the Bayard link again: https://gleam.io/competitions/J9Tvt-win-a-bayard

Sorry about yesterday.


  1. IMHO there is no problem except the one you’re trying to manufacture. Coal (and to a lesser extent free XP) is the free-to-play crowd’s road to the sort of ships they could not otherwise hope to own, at all sorts of tiers, and you want to zero that out? No. That’s spitting in the faces of the poor.

    • jsm666 Exactly. What Zoup describes would make a lot of newer/casual players demoralized. Some newer players may even quit. The grind is hard enough for them. Getting coal ships is a breath of fresh air, as they are typically fun, and a break from the grind. I personally only get 1-2k coal a day on average. I do not have an excess amount of free xp or coal. The only problem is lootboxes and the RB.

    • @NotAidanandHi
      well i got a good amount of coal and steel…but im a competitive active player that is very skilled. i also got more than 6.5M fxp and almost all fxp ships…
      i personally support making all premiums into fxp ships so NO ONE can insta buy them. u will have to grind a LOT, or a reasonable amount AND pay a lot.

      btw about that RB thing…
      There is a SOLUTION to all of this!
      they just need to change the rewards and how they give them to the players!!
      instead of just selling ships, give unique rewards that are not mandatory AND are very desireable by experienced players!!
      for example, any regrinded ship will be available EVEN when in battle…as u basically have both! add premium status for captain training, maybe some special camo…or even allow you to have 2 different configurations on a single ship! (upgrades, consumables and maybe captain , which will be ideal for competitive!)
      they can also change it to just ADD the bonus to the ship research panel. the same place u unlock new modules and ships…in the modules screen.
      add something like another ship research option…that is instead that research bureau bonus thing (ideally what i suggested but can be anything, even your research points thing).
      this makes it simple, makes previous EXTRA xp grinded on those ships actually usable, doesnt make you lose the original ships for this…ideal for an extra grind without the negatives!!
      they can even decide on new xp costs for these and change them according to what they desire to encourage…like low tier play. they can add expensive but attractive rewards for those that play low tiers this way!! of anything they want!

  2. First video i dont agree with you on.

  3. I have no abundance of endless credits, even owning Missouri. Just another case of nerfing premium ships, which leads to the being able to nerf all premiums whenever they want

    • Yup, like they tried to do with the Guilio Cesare….no nerfing premiums!

    • Pretty sure the economy of Missouri has been stealth nerfed without telling anyone. Cant seem to break 1 mill a game, even with all the credit flags and a games com camo…

    • @Billy The Dog
      i got 2M a few times with it…now with 3 EXTRA credit flags i cant get that again…DEFINITLY stealth nerfed!

  4. Imminentferretgaming

    Horrible idea. I don’t typically have premium. I don’t have all this credits or free xp.

    • I only play with Premium active, have multiple premium ships including Atlanta (a decent credit printer) and I still have nothing like the resources built up that Zoup is alluding to.

    • @Battlemage15
      Missouri can earn you up to 2M+ credits PER GAME, if u max the credit boosters and perform well.
      when u r a very good player u will earn plenty of credits…but even i hit a wall with credits and had to save a LOT of credits for discounts…spent like 100M in 1 big discount on many ships. but then got missouri and now i got all ships in the game and 330M credits…without paying 😛

    • Same here, I started WoW about 3 months before Missouri went away so I missed out. I cant invest that much time into a game to have excess credits on hand.

    • @Aaron Howell
      Well if u really wanted it u could play a bit and pay…but its better to use the fxp

  5. Do not f-in make the grind slower. Do absolutely not. If the grind gets even slower, I will bail this thing. This grind is already bad enough. You can decrease the Free-Exp outcome, make some adjustments, but do absolutely f-in not make the grind slower. I cannot stress this enough.
    I’m sorry, but just don’t.

    • The grind now is soooo easy. The original grind in this game was so much harder and thats what forced people to learn how to play correctly. If you think it’s bad now then you have no idea how hard it was during beta and in the first year of full release

    • @Mark Deighton Flags did make it easier but what I think is ridiculous is these events with loot boxes that will just give you a tier 8 ship if your lucky. and with this latest event they started to do tier 9. next time it will be loot box grand prize a tier 10 ship.

    • @Mark Deighton it took me 7 to 8 months to get my first tier 10 the gearing. and then I couldnt play it because of repair costs until I got the missouri and then they made the grind so easy with camos free flags and everything.

    • When they give us the 200% you can stack some dragon signals and with good games you can have 20 – 35k of xp per game. I have grinded entire lines in less than 2 weeks. Im not sure what you are talking about.

  6. This is an AWFUL idea. I have a full time job and barely have enough time to play anymore, so it’s a slow and painful grind for coal and steel. I also have the Missouri, and now you want to punish people like me who dont have the resources to buy these coal/steel ships, AND nerf my credit income? Thats ridiculous

    • zoup forgets the little people like us.
      He enjoyed the good times now he wants to shut it down for the rest of us.

    • Seriously. He is so out of touch it’s not even funny. If WG does something like this, I’m gone for good.

    • Very bad idea for those of us who are hard-working people! Leave my credit alone, I am very happy every time I manage to get a new ship or module I can buy them when I have researched them WITHOUT having to grind extra credits. Leave it the F-alone!!! If you are burned out, go play something else, please.

    • Absolutely agree with you Will. I have been playing since the Closed Beta, and yet between job and family there is only so much time to grind. I used to play world of tanks, but the grind there, particularly for credits, just helped kill the game for me. I want to have fun in a computer game, as it is a leisure activity.

    • So because you dont have time and most do you think its an awful idea….you must be the one special person that has to keep it the way it is even if the game is going to hell in a hand basket…There are some things I do disagree but nerfing the credit income on the Missouri definitely should be one to get hit. Eliminate the coal and steel. It took me 9 seasons to get the black so I know its hard to grind for that steel but as far as everything else it can either be eliminated altogether or nerf it.

  7. Honestly think that for most casual players that none of this applies to them. You talk about everyone having enough free xp to get the Missouri, that’s just nonsense. If someone has 1 mill free xp just lying around they’ve clearly not a casual player.

    I think most of the economy complaints should be redirected to having a better endgame for wows. Because the majority of the playerbase don’t have all ship lines, don’t have millions of free xp and credits.

    • Ben, I agree with your statement but keep in mind, many folks have been playing this since beta and release. They’ve grinded their ship lines all to 10 and have 19 point captains on each one. Free XP comes easily at that point.

    • @BlueFalc0n66 I’ve been playing since Alpha on and off and I don’t think I’ve finished even a quarter of all ship lines, and I only have like 4 19pt captains.

  8. As a new player with only 500 battles or so, I was frankly shocked that you suggested they remove the ability to earn premium ships simply by playing the game – but that you should HAVE to buy all premium ships straight up. You honestly sounded like an EA executive with the whole ‘pride and accomplishment’ line.

    First of all, not everyone wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single game. Personally I spent $80 Canadian on the game to get me started, and I’m willing to spend a little more each year as I continue to play, but the premium ships in the game are seriously overpriced. Secondly, being able to earn premium ships through gameplay is a rewarding process and adds greatly to the sense of progression.

    I have no problem with them restarting the economy and simplifying it, but there should be ways to earn good ‘premium’ ships that you can purchase once every 1-3 months just by playing the game.

    • He is a CC, sounding like a paid shill

    • He licks so much Wargaming boot you’d think he’s trying to get employed by them or something

    • Every ship in the game should be earnable in game. Any ship that isn’t should be made so, or removed. That’s only if you want the game to NOT be p2w, which it currently most certainly is.
      Make all premiums purchasable by cash only? Yeah, that’s the sound of a whale who’s bought or been given everything for so long they’ve really lost all sense of accomplishment. “Yay, I put my credit card numbers into a website and clicked a button until it gave me what I wanted. What a wonderful accomplishment.”
      Bitch, PLEASE!! Nozoup has lost the fuckin’ plot, end of story.

  9. I think you are the one “burn out”. Perhaps you should really consider to take a break from the game.

  10. I think you’re mixing up different issues a bit too much.

    IMO, as someone who couldn’t get the Missouri, the exp and credits economy is not out of control. You’re coming at it from the perspective of someone who’s played a long time and already has everything they could want.

    For someone who is not an old player and who does not already have a ton of stuff… it’s perfectly alright. Making it more of a grind is just going to make the game a pain in the arse for someone who hasn’t played for a long time.

    You’re saying it’s going to be painful. But it’s not. Not for you. Just for those who haven’t played for a long time already.

    As for the other currencies – just stick to coal as the one “special” currency and get rid of the others.

    • can you still get the MO?

    • @TheStarforce2 Not for free exp.

      It’s been made available as a super-rare drop in christmas containers, so if you’re willing to spend an arseton of cash at the right time of year you can get it.

      Might be a small chance of it dropping from regular supercontainers, I don’t know.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Thomas Fuglseth It is in the loot table for normal SCs like the rest of the removed t9 premiums, but the percent chance is probably just as low as it is for the Christmas containers

  11. 6:06 “Make the grind slow again”

    Say what…? I’ve been playing from the start, I have all but 3 of the lines completely done (UK CV, USSR BB, French DD are all I’m missing) and I find that to be a terrible idea :

    Forget the economy, forget the tokens, forget the steel and coal…. FIX THE GAME! The UI is still trash, there’s a shipload of ships that need to be adjusted (buffs and nerfs) There are ships that just aren’t worth playing and some premium ships that are straight up garbage; We still don’t have a non-clan competitive (Team) mode, ranked is still cancer, random battles are still stale A.F., we still don’t have any kind of skill based MM, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Whatever you do tho, don’t increase the grind! its hard enough to get people to play the game as it is, Grind is dead, grind is boring! You have to make players WANT to play their ships, the whole idea that people would play more because of grind is ludicrous, if anything more grind will inevitably lead to more burnout.

    I have several friends who gave up on the game because they found the progression too slow! Very few of the new players want to spend dozens of games in the darned Omaha… If you have a boat that’s so bad it’s become its own meme you gotta fix it! And we’re not just talking about balance here, weather or not playing a ship is and enjoyable experience should be first and foremost in the minds of the Devs.

    TL:DR, Just stop giving us new ships for a bit and work on the things that ACTUALLY matter.

    • @Daniel Griego nice

    • @TheStarforce2 I dislike that mod I wish there was a way to disable anyone knowing your stats in game the experience is different when you have the best win rate of your team and the enemies keeps focusing on you when your spotted. It’s why DDs are preferred.

    • @Daniel Griego You can hide your stats ingame, it’ll also block those mods from picking up your stats. They thought of that one from the start.

    • @Big Blue you can? where?

    • @Daniel Griego Log into the game`s website, click your name in the top right, select world of warships. There`s a profile privacy option, set it to private.

      Fair warning, many clans will not accept players that hide their stats, and it may take a little while before the 3rd party websites stop showing your stats, but they shouldn’t be able to update your stats as soon as your profile is set to private.

  12. Why are you assuming everyone has millions of credits laying around? 20% of veterans do not represent the whole player base.. bad idea

    • @John Hager Sorry mate, you’re looking the problem from the wrong angle.
      Credits and FXP are resources you use to buy stuff. If you already own everything, there is nothing you can possibly buy, therefore the resources you use to buy things have no value. Resetting the account’s resources will hit harder who is in dire need of them, and so gives a high subjective value to them.
      You will dishearthen and alienate a very large portion of the playerbase, managing only to postpone the problem of economy.

    • The problem is 20% of the population not caring to really play because they have nothing to spend credits and XP on is an issue… I have over 1 BILLION credits right now, periodically I spend 500 million on combat signals. Then a week or so later I have a billion again, because well, there is nothing costing credits….. I have every single Tier X, because it doesn’t require much to get XP…. This is a serious problem, the veterans are the ones that make the money for WG…. all the different currencies make it a waste of time….

    • @Davide Cuccato If you have 150K coal and nothing to spend it on because you still cannot _afford_ the pretty new Jean Bart you want, and all of a sudden you see your coal removed at a favourable exchange rate for FXP with the Jean Bart now available for FXP at a significantly more affordable rate, I think you’d be pretty happy _despite_ having invested a lot of time into saving up. This is what John Hager is suggesting here. Don’t read into it more than that.

    • @John Hager thats not true i have been a casual player for almost 3 years now and i only have 5 t10 ships why? Because im always strugling for credits right now i finaly through clan battles saved up some credits to start new lines get ships i wanted for a long if it would get nuked then why did i send my time saving it up?

    • Noland Charles Kinder

      This. I have like 20 million. Can buy a couple of ships. Just used all my coal on the smolensk and don’t have the Alaska. Don’t have the Yoshino. Maybe yall should just play less.

  13. First World Problems. Once again Zoup, you’re talking as if the majority of the playerbase is the top 5%. Most players don’t have spare credits or free xp laying around. Once again, your tunnel vision as a CC is limiting your perspective of the normal player. Both you and WoWS are looking at the wrong playerbase.

  14. You want to restart? To start back from 0? Create a new account and start with T1 ships. I just started playing wows recently. I am a new player and the amount of grinding is underwhelming! I don’t find any motivation whatsoever to keep going forward in the grind, yet I still try to get the next tier ship. I am really struggling to keep earning stuff in this game, and you want me to start yet again from 0? Really?! If you want to “nuke” the economy, do it to your account. Not mine.

    • Yeah, let’s make a petition to nuke Zoup’s account economy, but only his…(im sure he will be delighted)

    • @Tearnofear yeah I am kind of doing this. I played less than 1000 random battles and I have just one Tier IX ship (Friedrich Der Große). With the British, French and USN cruisers I am at Tier VI. Tier VI with USN and USSR BBs. I feel that I am not in a bad position. But surely I am a long way from getting all Tier X ships, and many premiums. And resetting EVERYTHING now is something I could not accept. Even if I reached all Tier X ships and premiums, I would surely not want everything to get resetted. I know that for veteran players the game might be boring now, but it’s surely not my fault. Why should I get punished for joining the game a bit later than everyone else?

    • @p. f. i got fdg too. beside JB the only t9. After 3 years of more or less playing the game 🙂 But i’m in no stress at all^^

    • @Tearnofear I mean, at times the game is fun, but the problem is most of the time I play wows to grind, not to have fun. But with the FDG, and especially with the Bismarck, I had a HUGE amount of fun 😀
      I started playing wows in 2017, but just for a couple of months (about 200 random battles in those 2 months). Then I started playing wows again by mid May of 2019. In 2017, my highest Tier ship was Tier VI Nürnberg. Most times the grind is bad, but as I said I sometimes find the game fun.

    • he can easily nuke his economy by spending ALL of his currency, selling EVERYTHING he has…and then buying and selling T10 ships till he has 0 in everything.
      i personally support making all premiums into fxp ships so NO ONE can insta buy them. u will have to grind a LOT, or a reasonable amount AND pay a lot.

  15. THEY ARE BURNED OUT BECAUSE OF THE GRIND!!! I do not like this idea.

  16. “Everyone has credit to burn.”

    *HA* don’t make me laugh.
    how fix the economy? Rebalance service cost of high tier ships.

    • yea I had 62 mill not long ago. start buying ships, earning ships, and winning them from containers and shit and modules on all those ships and that goes away in a hurry. down to 33 mil. And as I advance in techtree on some lines I will get even more ships. I suppose I could sell some of the crap but oh well.

    • right, how about making it so you made 1 silver min. your team yolo ed and all sank and you got nuked from accross the map from an unspotted BB but you didn’t lose $. i can’t afford to play high tier games much. i know i stink so every T10 game costs me 2 MO games or 4 T7 games. at 4 games / day avg that is a lot of time not grinding to T10.

    • before missouri the only way i could buy ships was to save credits for discounts…

  17. Sorry, Zoup, you’re absolutely TOTALLY WRONG on this. The economy is just fine as is!!!

    • No he not wrong, the economy is crap. His way would just make 10000x worse

    • @iceflyer agreed yes the economie is crap with all the new curencie but if the would reset it i would destroy non verteran player’s i would lose 60mil credits and i would not be ready for that the only reason that i have 60 mil is clanbattles and clanbattles only

  18. There’s nothing wrong with the economy. Zoup… your videos have been getting a little “sensational” and “overly dramatic” lately…

    • I would say not only lately. He’s been very popular idiot for more than I can remember… Like literally every person I ask considers his ideas, totally retarded. Ppl like my come here from time to time only to laugh at it, but well even I can’t stand whole 11 mins of this mumble

  19. This is the disconnect the exists between streamers and real world players… I agree with him, reset the streamers only 🙂

  20. “Everyone has credits”

    Lol no

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