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In these games, I have my best Battleship gameplay while sharing tips I have gathered from other World of Warship players.


  1. Just subscribed and was just wanted to know is this game in 4k on either ps4 pro or Xbox one x?

    • Glad to hear!
      I don’t see anything about 4k in the Microsoft Store, however on the PlayStation Store is says that 4k will be available in the summer, and I assume that will be the same for Xbox.

  2. Holy crap, thanks for the mention. I was glad to see your Orion HE citadel the Kuma, which illustrates what I said about it in the other vid.

    Also, I failed to mention of course AP against broadside battleships but I think that’s known now. ?

    Anyway, thanks again and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so far!

    • I am glad I was able to get so many tips to pass on, thanks for all the comments 🙂 Now I just have to put all that info into practice!

    • +Indoor Man There are certain bbs you will rarely if ever citadel. These include the Germans and the British (at least until the citadel rework on them). The germans have turtleback armour which prevents close to medium range citadels and the British have below water citadels.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Indoor, but I really don’t think I’m a “better player”…I just saw a Jingles video! ?

  4. Is the game gonna be free to play?

    • Yes. It has plenty of options to buy and make the gaming experience more efficient and there will be exclusive content to buy. But the base game and lots of its content are free.

  5. Well thanks for the tips definitely going to take my time with this game when it comes out.

  6. Thanks for letting me know but have preordered on Xbox one x which I’ll play and hopefully see in 4k?

  7. I second that comment i highly recommend you lookup mighty jingles he has plenty videos on world of warships and offer some advice with bit of humour as well, British cruisers and destroyers? use semi armor piercing so its semi ap and semi he all in one shell basically…

  8. Are the founders packs still up for sale after the games official release?

  9. Great suggestions I’ll be sure to use these on the battlefield. I’ve wanted to play this since before I started WOT. See ya out there!

  10. Help please! Can you use submarines in this game? Any ideas??

  11. It would be nice if when the game launches free to play on the 16th to have matchmaking of 8v8 or 10v10

    • I believe the matchmaking aims to have it about that. There were some low population times during the beta but I expect the bigger battles will be much more common when it launches.

  12. Just a couple things I noticed. I understand its a ‘bot battle’, but I would not suggest swinging wide on A. If you sit between A-B, you can support both caps. By swinging wide on A, you take yourself completely out of the battle when your behind that island, and cant support B because of range. Also, don’t use damage control as soon as your on fire x1. Wait for fire x2 or x3 before using it. Fire damage can be fully healed back from repair party. HE vs heavily angled battleships is a good idea, AP vs broadside BB’s and cruisers at any angle- you can citadel cruisers from any angle with AP.

  13. Releases tomorrow yes

  14. Can’t wait till tommorow ??

  15. I play WoWS on Pc, have played it since closed beta. Im gonna piggy back on what others say, and try to add a few things. Start getting used to switching ammo types, you are in a bb, it has armour, use it by angling, get used to angling in towards your foe, the sooner you get that down in habit the better off you will be. Most cruiser’s in this game out side of high tier american cruisers have torpedoe’s, being angled towards them will allow you to evade those torps. Alternate your speed and course often to throw enemy fire off. Once you get battleship mechanics down the other ship types will come easier. Carry on and god speed!

  16. some good tips there can’t wait to try them out in the game tomorrow

  17. Compared to some of the people I saw during the beta, you really are learning quickly. Great video.

  18. Thanks for the mention! The lower tier RN BBS are a very enjoyable grind, but be warned that certain ships are horrendous to play (Queen Elizabeth and monarch are true stinkers in the line). But Orion is considered pretty good for its tier. The reason why the RN navy are loved and hated by some is some of the high tiers having above average he alpha and fire chance, along with a super heal.

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