Tired of Paper Ships in World of Warships

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I’m over paper ships in warships. I have come to the realization that after six years, it’s the ships in the game that are keeping me playing. And not paper ships. I want historic ships. This is another desperate plea for the USS Johnston and other ships we (at least in NA) actually want and care about. Not Russian CVs and stuff that never sailed.


  1. You have called it soup. I want real ships here on EU server. The history of these real ships keeps their memory alive and those brave people who served on them.

  2. As a former sailor of the U.S.S. O’Bannon (DD987), I’ve been waiting for the WWII DD450. With the introduction of subs, the O’Bannon could have a potato skin for its depth charges.

  3. Would love to have RADM Willis Augustus “Ching” Lee as a special commander. Gun accuracy buff and an AA buff. Or a radar buff.

  4. So heres a rant: October 13, US Navy birthday…no article, no flags, no patch, no special mission set. Fast forward two weeks to the Russian Navy birthday…flags, patches, missions galore..Russian bias? possibly so…or just a NA fumble again…

    -A proud 20 year US Navy Vet

  5. Ah yes, them little ships, put up one hell of a fight. Even when the planes from the small carriers ran out of ammo, they still dived on the Japanese ships. They put up such a fight, the Yamamoto turned around, cause the Japanese thought they where up against heavy cruisers. They did what they had to do, rearguards. May they all rest in peace.

  6. For selfish reasons I would like the Mississippi, a NM class bb added as my dad fought on in ww2

  7. I would love to see the U.S.S Yorktown come into the game.

  8. Not an American but this is exactly how I feel about the lack of real steel ships. Ships like USS Washington, HMCS Quebec, and HMS Howe (hopefully a more AP focused ship) or UK battlecruisers

  9. Personally, I’d like to see the USS Nashville (CL-43) as another Brooklyn-class cruiser, as well as USS Tennessee (BB-43) as the version of a Tennessee-class we have in game (California) is a travesty. I’d also like USS Laffey (DD-724) and/or USS The Sullivans (DD-537).

  10. Any of the Scrap Iron Flotilla would have Aussies queued up!

    Or have a special commander “Hard Over” Hec Waller

    Would make a great scenarios too to replicate the Bomb Alley runs into and out of Tobruk. 5 DDs vs the Rest

  11. We need the USS Laffey And we need Yorktown CV 10. We need USS Little Rock. We need more historical ships. I think it would be cool tear One premium ship USS Olympia that’s still around. That’s 100 anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier from World War I is coming up or is here. We need the ships my great grandfather served on the Laffey during The Korean War. I got to see that ship three times. I love that ship that ship is the best shape ever I think. That ship is the only almond summer class destroyer in the world. Right next to the Yorktown CV 10. Those two are awesome ships. Maybe war game we can put the USS Clamagoro are you a summering that he’s going to be scrapped and they need to save her. That’s what war game you should do.

  12. Wargambling has gotten away from the core concept of this game and what made it so popular to begin with and that is a battle of historical surface warships.
    Not subs, not planes, not made up ships and not gimmicks and one trick ponies.
    Had they stuck with that, they would still have their hands on my wallet. But, I haven’t spent any real money in the last two years partly because of that.

    • Same.

      I been harping on historical ships, camos, and wepaon placement/usage since the game dropped…
      They haven’t gotten my bucks since scharnhorst.

  13. USS Nevada BB36, my grandfather served aboard this ship from the Pearl Harbor refit through to the end of the war. It escorted convoys in the Atlantic, provided fire support during the Normandy invasion, fought in the Mediterranean supporting the southern France invasion, went back to the Pacific and was refit again (took on several of the guns salvaged from the Arizona), fought at places like Iwo Jima and Okinawa, survived shore artillery hits and kamikaze attacks, and was patrolling off the coast of Japan when the surrender was signed. After the war it was decommissioned and used as a target vessel for the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. Survived two atomic bombs. Later was towed off Hawaii where it spent four days as a target vessel for an Iowa class BB and several other ships but would not sink. Finally it was put under by a torpedo hit. It was located and filmed a couple years ago, still sitting upright on the ocean floor as if ready to go again. This ship has an incredible battle record full of accomplishments and accolades. Instead WG put her sister ship the Oklahoma into the game which was sunk at Pearl, refloated, then foundered and sunk for good on its way to California to be repaired. Anyway, I still got the Oklahoma as its the closest thing in game to Pops’ ship but I would pay a hundred easy to have the USS Nevada even if its tier 5 or 6 as to me its not just a ship its a connection to my grandfather’s service and sacrifice.

  14. Agree with you about playing this for the ships, historic ships. Johnston deserves to be represented even if she doesn’t have any special attributes (yeah, I said it) because I WANT the ship. Same with Battleship Wisconsin plus I had a kid who came to work for me aboard USS Nassau after Whiskey was decommissioned, he was PROUD of her.

    I did work aboard IOWA right after she was recommissioned in the ’80s, witnessed her firing her main armament in practice from close aboard, then I watched both Wisconsin and Missouri firing into Iraqi positions (battleships light up the night sky like Hell’s own thunderstorm.) I have IOWA and would trade my Montana (paper ship) for either Missouri or Wisconsin because they are REAL and I served in a combat zone with them. And right now my butt is planted on a chair in my living room less than 10 miles from where Whiskey is moored.

  15. This is why I love playing the Texas, real ship, still around, amazing history. As much as I hate CVs I would love to see the Essex class Lexington in the game, I can see her from my window and have the year pass to tour her.

  16. I stopped playing a while ago.
    I was saving money for Enterprise but it was made unavailable. I wanted Belfast after seeing her in London but she was unavailable. I was excited for her refit, but I quit before she came out. I bought Yukikaze, Prinz Eugen, Kaga, Bismarck, Implacable, Hood and a few others simply because I wanted those ships. There are many more ships I would buy for the name alone but the release of paper ships wasn’t something I was looking forward too.
    Also FDR made me hate the game. I’m not very good and I felt like being targeted by it was a death sentence.

  17. They need the laffy, Samuel B Robert’s and the Johnston in this game

  18. The reason they have paper ships is to keep the match duration under 15 mins as much as possible.

    If you want them to match close to real world stats. Be prepared to have maybe up to 1 hr match. And it reqs a complete overhaul, which would be least of their priority.

    17-18 mins avg match duration would be a sweet spot.

    As much as I want to see BRN Prince of Wales and Repulse. Don’t think that would be possible. Expect to see more planes coming our way real soon, amigo 😆

  19. I have read the book couple months ago, finally…Great reading with so many details I did not know before. It has become one of my the most favourite war books ever…

  20. I would like to see the low tiers get new ships , there is 1 pre dreadnough battleship in game , and only 1 armoured cruiser. Also how about Goeben added to pan europe tree ? easy to do , clone Moltke and reflag it.
    some of us actually like low tiers , where there are no BS subs or carriers.

    and yes , where the hell are British battlecruisers ?

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