Tirpitz (B) / “Das Old Boot”

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Some premiums have definitely stood the test time better than others. I wish I could say the Tirpitz was one of them…


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  1. Woo! Kool vid!

  2. Viva la Torpitz!!

  3. Gee-Gee! Good to see the Tirpitz featured, can’t spend all the time in a fjord, eh?
    Thanks for making a sharing!

  4. Jedi, you do realise that German BB’s got their accuracy buffed across the board?

    • Yup, but they’re still hardly accurate. I’ve noticed it most with the tier 10, I guess because it has the most guns…

    • @PointyHairedJedi I’m maining cruisers and to be completely honest German BB’s are the ones I hate most, because they just land an unreal amount of stupid-angle citadels.
      Or maybe I just expect them to miss more often. Probably that.

  5. I still kind of love the Derpitz. 🙂

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