TIRPITZ Battleship BUFFED | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay review of the Tirpitz, the tier 7 premium German Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends, the free to play console game from Wargaming available on Xbox 1 and PS4. Commander build and German battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a Tirpitz.


  1. The Tirpitz and Bismarck are the same exact ships with the same exact guns yet the Tirpitz has a 25 second reload and the Bismarck has a 26 second reload..


    IMO the only difference should be the torpedoes and secondary range.

    • Tirpitz was out for a month or two before the biz, so they had more data to work with when implementing changes. They are probably at that point now with the Bismark. I’d guess they will probably buff it in a similar manner coming up

  2. Definitely boosted the durability

  3. Nice review TBull!!!

  4. Nicely played. Haven’t put Tirpitz to sea since the buff. I’ll have to roll her out and give it a try.

  5. Tirpits was bombed by aircraft that had a dam buster bomb reeniginered just for that ship probably the only way to sink her

  6. I Definitely go for it instead of Alabama ( What was my first plan ) after i takmer with Tirpitz players and Alabama/Tirpitz players

  7. My question is why fix Tirpitz and not the Bismarck? I guess they will fix it later as well as secondaries

  8. TBull what platform do you stream on and how do we know when?

    • I stream on YouTube, so if you’re subscribed and have notifications on it should let you know. I’ll also try and post a message on my discord giving a heads up.

      I do have a twitch account as well, if you’d like to follow that, the link is in this video description

  9. The dispersion is still crap. I dont understand why they made the german guns so inaccurate they were the most accurate battleships in the world

  10. Look chief… you say buffed, I say bullshit until I see it survive a Z-23 AP shot under the second turret. ?

  11. I citadel the Bismarck 3 times with one salvo in my brother hipper.

  12. if the Tirpitz was buff, what about the Bismarck ? … both suffer the same problem

    • The tirptiz was out for a couple months before the Bismark, so they’re probably still collecting data on that ship. Would expect it to have a similar adjustment down the line

  13. Took the Torpitz out the other day and had a good run in it on the same map. It isn’t quite as Glassy as it used to be but still anyone who sees a Tirpitz coming knows torps are there as well so they give you room and unfortunately the guns are just too annoying to be preferable.

    Some times they hit like a freight train and other times they bounce off heavy cruisers.

    It has potential

  14. Glad they finally improved it, but it seems like they Neutered my Kaiser!

  15. I remember right when this ship was available in a game a tripitz showed its broadside. Withing the first 2 min. put it this way 3 people fired, it when from 69K to around 4k in 5 seconds…
    I Could not stop leaghing

  16. great gameplay, it is wise to return to the weak side of the map to support the collapsing flank.
    I think the Tirpitz armor is fine now and as you pointed out Bismarck needs a Buff too

  17. Good stuff as always! But how in the world did you manage to save up enough global xp to get the damn thing?

  18. You don’t have hyde??? Hyde has everything you need for the lonely Queen of the North.

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