Tirpitz Battleship: Thanks for the win matchmaker: World of Warships

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Tirpitz German Battleship on Trap Domination mode. Thanks for the win matchmaker.

Enjoy the Destruction.

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. Kudos to the Pensacola for NOT turning and run, trying to help his teammate
    despite the ridiculous odds in doing so. I know I would have appreciated
    the help. As for the Cleveland before him, he had little choice but to show
    you his side since in WOWS there is this magical boundary in the ocean that
    forces you to turn at some point, thus showing your side eventually no
    matter what you do.


  3. You can overmatch the Colorado bow since it’s only 25mm. You can’t get
    through the bulkhead behind it like you can with the Nagato sadly.

  4. Im usually the one on the team being handed the loss like that.

  5. The Colorado penetrated more up to 10,000 yards than the Tirpitz and wasnt
    that far behind after that,so this was more that the other team wasnt as
    good as you guys… the Colorado is more than capable to take on a Tirpitz.

  6. good to see you back on the high seas.

  7. Was looking after what mod you are using, but didn’t find anything
    specified, and if you did mention it somewhere in your vids.. I’m sorry for
    missing it out. Can you tell me what mods you have installed? And if its
    Aslains please name the specific option mods you got checked to be
    installed from that mod pack.I do enjoy very much your vids and you are the
    only one around here on youtube that use a mod not so overloaded with
    information and colors etc. THX!

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