Tirpitz insane DMG || World of Warships

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Player:[REKT] Bendeguz_HUN
Ship: Tirpitz

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  1. %100 rng power.What a lucky boy.

  2. When I first came onto this channel I thought it was a little pointless and boring, but now that I’ve seen all your content, you’ve become my goto channel when I get bored. Keep up the good work man, really enjoying the videos! 😀

  3. That Moskva never learned his lesson lol

  4. 50k first salvo….ouch!

  5. I must not be the only one who feels German BB are slightly overpowered over USN & IJN right? Protected citadels, Area denial secondaries, troll grade armor, decent AA & at high tiers, German hydro-search (effectively nullifies its weak torpedo belt). Too good at being everything with no true weaknesses.

  6. damn… quad cits in the first salvo

  7. I wish i had that rng on german bbs….

  8. You know, I never thought I’d feel sorry for a Moskva.

  9. RNG literally left him an enormous gap in the wave of torpedoes I don’t understand why he made a hard to port…..

  10. Bendeguz Márton

    First of all thanks for uploading my replay,much appreciated.
    Second of all,out of 1200 Tirpitz battles i never had RNG like this.
    PS: sorry for zooming in and out so many times,i know its annoying.

  11. Szép meccs volt Bendegúz 🙂

  12. Dude got good RNG, sure, but he was able to capitalize on the opportunities given by clever sailing and make good plays. I would still like to add that he gave a bit too much of his side to the GK and took a bit of unnecessary damage. Other than that, a very good replay.

  13. There is a certain bias towards really lucky games in these youtube vids… BB games where just every enemy decides he has to show you his broadside. Downside is that in your average game, chipping away at angled opponents who even shoot back, I often feel slightly disappointed.

  14. Risheen Mukherjee

    typical full health yamato screwing around in the back until the end of the game. i’ve been seeing a lot of friedrichs act like this these last few days, though i can’t explain why. is damage the only thing that matters these days?

  15. fauzan ramadhan

    what a noob moskva ..

  16. ein ender deutsch spricht youtube macht sehr professionell ist ahh so ist es schön youtube zu gucken

  17. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    so many broadside 😀

  18. anyone know the translation for 2:55?

  19. читер

  20. employeewg_47 terrain_21

    90% skill

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