Tirpitz / Shards / “Stop that, it’s silly”

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Tirpitz / Shards / "Stop that, it's silly"">

Tirpitz may have a bit of a mixed reputation – after all, literally anyone can get out their credit card and one – but for all that it’s a strong ship still, and one that can sometimes get away with things that are indeed just a bit silly.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship – you can sign up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships./invite/XDb11G5

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  1. Good thing that this game was done before smoke firing changes 😀

  2. I started playing wows and i got 63k dmg in tier 3

  3. Jedi, you always apply too little lead when shooting at angled battleships. When that bismark is angled, you need to drop your shots on his bow which (when he’s angled -towards you-) will be where you have less autobounce than letting your shells hit close to the stern.

  4. Not sure what it is but I always enjoy your videos. But to tell the truth I do miss caption guy.

  5. 副砲射擊距離短,根本無法發揮本身的優勢

  6. Have been enjoying my Tirpitz. It’s a great credit grinder in lieu of not having the Missouri yet!… am at like 650k free xp.

  7. I miss caption guy 🙁

    • He’s definitely not chained to the wall in a straight-jacket down in the basement or anything like that, that’s a completely ridiculous suggestion and I’ve no idea where you got that notion from at all!

  8. Sometimes you just stumble in to greatness. Merry Christmas to you and yours Jedi!

  9. Not bad Jedi, not bad, You got timid at time’s i wouldn’t but eh different strokes for different folks, as far as i’m concerned “Dirpitzz First KM DD, Derpitz Best KM DD”. I live for those moments when you can throw torps out both sides secondaries blazing while taking chunks out of stuff with the main battery. My reaction to a Yamato at less than 12km bow in reversing. “CHAAaarge”. In fact if you’ll forgive a shameless self plug (i don;t do videoing like at all normally), there’s on my channel a semi-old clip of me doing 130k in my tirpitz in 3 minutes.

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