TIRPITZ the new secondary BEAST || World of Warships

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Player: slayingclub1996
Map: Hotspot

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  1. second

  2. I always think about it to buy her…but then I see the price and let it her as she always was alone.

  3. For those who want this kind of secondaries for free just play with the Bismarck or the Nagato 🙂

  4. wow – showed Arizona broadside to get the last kill. awesome drama

  5. I noticed he doesn’t have the secondary build. The Kiev was well inside the 10.6K range.

  6. MrSmithwayne Smith

    You can clearly see its not hard to play, its extremely forgiving as well as easy to finish off near dead ships, you do not even have to try, just face the biggest threat or angle and its GG! I do not agree with the 8km range of her secondaries, no other ship has this kind of power at that range. She has the most powerful secondaries of any t8 BB and her shells pen nicely but the accuracy is not as good. Id have to say this ship is right on the borderline of pay to win.

  7. full health arizona sunk 4 ships. not bad at all for such tier ship in this game.

  8. I love my tirp even more now…

    … and DD’s still hate me 🙂

  9. this is rediculos ; last night my pesicola get rect by the secondaire of a tripitz at 10.6km , secondaire + torp at close rang his the best browler in the game ;

  10. Thank you Panzer!!!

  11. Sehr sehr geil! Gute Runde !!

  12. Weekplayers with secondary on 9,3km

  13. New Tirpitz is a monster.

  14. David Parkerzilla

    slayingclub1996 that was such a great battle that if you are on the EU server I’m going to gift you some doubloons, flags or something

  15. GG well played sir.

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