Tirpitz vs 2 Alabamas || World of Warships

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  1. Totally worth it,and I bet they didn’t know,

  2. When u play without aternate mode so u cant see the shipnames then they might thought it was a Bismarck

  3. Idiots I tell you yesterday it happened in rank battles, when I ask him the idiot ses he forgot the tirpitz had torps it cost us the game

  4. It is fun to see a German BB doing well. As much as I loved the German BBs when they released, they just seem to be so lacking in their ability to routinely be effective. Sure there are some scenarios where they shine but that seems to be more infrequent lately in comparison to BBs from other nations. Anyone else feel the same?

    • Yes, they suck due to the dispersion. It’s sad that if you want to actually win they aren’t a very reliable pick.

    • it’s not the ship, it’s the player playing it. So many players, want to do the sniper thing, you, just get no support anymore. A German BB can’t win alone, but it’s the spear tip. It’s the bully that pushes and allows others to do their job. My best and worst games were when support was lacking

    • @John Smith, there is nothing wrong with the dispersion, It’s the players that don’t know how to play, it that make it bad. Germans have secondaries for a reason, that is to push and defend. Not play sniper, as is the current meta. You get a good team, with a German at the head, they can’t lose. However a team, that doesn’t support their German BB, is the one that WILL lose and usually lose badly

    • Sadly it’s not entirely the player. Notice the majority of the top clans do not use German BB’s. I don’t even remember one being used in the King of the Seas tournament. The problem is that the German secondaries are not really as effective as they should be in my opinion. Sure the Bismarck/Tirpitz is a brawler but anymore, if I wanted to play for a more guaranteed victory, I’d rather brawl in a Gascogne, Alabama, or Amagi (heck I honestly enjoyed the Izumo in comparison to the FDG). The more accurate guns allow for more precise brawling. The French can have secondaries that reach even further than the Germans and their maneuverability and speed tends to make them rather decent brawlers as well. Also Massachusetts is coming soon and if they don’t change it, it will also have 11.3km secondaries like the Germans. Coupled with US 406’s at T8 and it could wreck the Bismarck. I say this depressingly because I love my Bisko but feel shes just been power cheeped to much. Maybe a buff to increase secondaries out to 15km………with the same base dispersion as the Graf Zeppelin’s secondaries making Manual Secondaries unnecessary……

  5. he actually can survive if he let the rear gun reach the closet alabama firt than try to full salvoing lol

  6. is it just me who thinks that was bad played? he could’ve survived if he had dropped the torps a little later…imho he just panicked and was too early on the trigger. And his overall accuracy was bad either i think…

    • I wouldn’t say badly played, but yes, it could have been executed somewhat better. Getting a little panick in that situation is also to be expected.

    • I thought so too, good trade still but it could have been done better. Tbg, I’m not sure I’d stay cool enough to play it better in his situation

  7. andreas pedersen

    At 3 km i would try to shoot the tirpitz through the bow at 45 and into the citadel. though it got 60mm in the lower bow, its citadel is (only) 180mm. Done it a few times, and will (very probably) do it again. Well played on 2 obviously oblivious players 😉

  8. If you have some Moskva replays would you upload some of them please Panzer. Thank you. I really enjoy your channel!

  9. James Henderson

    Good exchange.

  10. Finn Brian Høgnaberg

    People sometimes dont know. Like the guy in ranked asking if Zao has Radar. Haha.

  11. There’s no aurora on this map after game update?

  12. Nice fight

  13. They knew and they think alabama torp belt can withstand it

  14. Alabama’s secondaries are still stupidly fake and dont hit anything like they should, just a wast of time even playing the bama, Its radar guided guns should be shooting like an Atlanta but their just a joke.

  15. charge-the-ambush-bad-ass alert

  16. Omg best kills ever

  17. 5 von 8 torp hits auf unter nem Kilometer. Die guns hatten rechts drauf sein müssen, der Bama ordentlich gekloppt, dann torps raus, erster tot. Danach schön warten bis ich save alle 4 torps in die andere bekomme. Das war luck vom feinsten hier. Schon alleine das die Alabamas in Tirpitz pushen

  18. German BB, doing German things. That is how a German BB, is supposed to be played. So many people play sniper anymore, i wish i still loved this game

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