TOO EASY TO PLAY – World of Warships

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I always said that one of the reasons why CVs are problematic in this game is because they are too easy to play.

Add to that no risk and low skill floor + great power in both scouting and dealing dmg and you get super broken class.

WG keeps finding way to make it easier and easier.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Well last couple of days confirm it. Flambass is a CV main

  2. I have no idea how WG can see this and be like “that seems fair”

  3. Winter_Soldier_YMB

    i want my 400 K dmg round so i have no prob for WG to buff this thing

  4. Alper Yıldırım

    remember the times when CVs were like hardest class of game?

    • Back when fighting the UI was harder than oneshotting literally any ship you wanted to ^^

    • It was fun before the exit strafe bullshit. I already saw how the game went into a downward spiral after that

    • remember when cv’s would actually counter other cv’s planes with fighters? Now, other then the occasional fighter drop, cv’s ignore each other completely. look at this game. both cv’s were in the top 3. im actually impressed flambass wasnt number one on his team.

    • I loved playing air superiority US cvs just going around smashing enemy CVs strikes while maintaining spotting for my team

    • @Logan Nicholson there was actually technique involved and you could actually foil attack runs on your team with your fighters. now you just smash the shit out of the enemy team.

  5. just the fact that this thing can drop the same ship in like 10 seconds after the first drop is so crazy… just turn around and do it again :/

    • ya the old cv’s were annoying, but at least you could see all thier drops and react. with these, you cant do anything to defend against them. the planes manuver around you so fast, the second strike always hits.

  6. I have never seen someone have 140k dmg before getting a first blood lol…

  7. I saw that thumbnail and with the combination of damage you had and also how many were still alive, I asked myself ‘is Flambass photoshopping his thumbnails now?’

    I was wrong and I am sorry sir

    I hope there aren’t too many more cv vids coming. You’re my fav wows streamer to watch and the cv games are so boring. But that’s just me being entitled lol

  8. If HMS Eagle had really been this powerful, the Royal Navy would still rule the world’s oceans.

  9. Unusual game! Pretty rare these days for most of the players on both teams to still be alive after 10 minutes!

  10. Thanks you Flambass all most of my matches now contain the F**king Eagle, before you played it I rarely saw it and now EAGLE’s everywhere 🙂

  11. Enemy team not even contesting the B cap is a perfect example of everything wrong with the player base!

  12. Honestly the most impressive thing was that the first blood came almost 7 minutes into the game.

  13. The anti air squadrons on super CVs are jet Planes , saw some peaple buff them and destroy every Plane the enemy CV played

  14. Been thinking about carriers a bit since watching the last couple of these videos you put up.
    About the best I can come up with is; give normal ships manual AA mode, or shift Carriers into hybrids like Ise, with smaller squadrons.
    Edit: Smaller squadrons, AND limited active time for squadrons.

  15. Since a game like this apparently needs to have power creep over time for some reason, I imagine when WG eventually gets to making a russian super carrier, it will get special guided cluster bombs that do 20k damage per drop to all ships within the grid square it was dropped in.

  16. This is what WG wanted, im glad you’re enjoying it lmao

  17. You know these ships are balanced when a G. Kurfurst becomes the first blood victim

  18. Yo, you should try a full fighter build on the super CVs, i found out that they are actually broken. Intercept the enemy squadron with the jets and drop interceptors right on top, they will tag fast af.

  19. that 30k shot bourgogne had should also add to you. salem was trying to avoid 2 torps and gets deleted instead because it was full broadsides to bourgogne

  20. CV sniping in these seems kinda easy the super consumables mean 3 strikes and dead

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