Top 10 WoWs Tech tree lines to grind in 2022

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A list of the best Tech Tree lines to grind in World of Warships in 2022. OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. Kremlin making the list = Jorg approval

  2. Watching this when i have all the tech tree grinded…. Interesting

    • Same ROFL. Well, except for CVs. I don’t play those past T6 mainly

    • @OverLordBou it is interesting u picking those ships, the problem with all the ships grinded is that i dont play it all equally and have preference. Since there are buffs and nerfs in many ships it is interesting to keep up with the ship picks and what is the current meta.. ya something like that

  3. As I’m Battleship Main, I have my prioritizing the fleet goes Battleships mostly I gonna need to advanced higher tiers to Tier X ships like Yamato, and Republique.

    As of this year, I would gonna next for grind is Lion towards Conqueror from Monarch, Friedrich der Grosse to Preussen then from Zieten to Prinz Rupprecht and Schlieffen, next from Vittorio Veneto to Lepanto and Cristoforo Colombo, finally from Vladivostok to Sovestsky Soyuz and Kremlin.

  4. I don’t really play anymore but before all the updates and IFHE nerfs my favorite line was the USN CL line, Helena and the premium Boise, and sometimes the Atlanta (struggles more in T9 games than Helena or Boise) were some of my best performing ships. I agree with the US CA line, overall a decent line.

  5. german bb line because you get free tier X bb GK. but need to grind fast

  6. Is the Conqueror still good? I started the grind years ago and wanted to finish it this year but unsure if i should

  7. I never knew there was a ship called “Venzia” in Wows, it looks a lot like that one named after that one famous Italian city 😛

  8. So I have Petro, DM, Venezia, and GK. Just got Hindy. Been trying to decide what to go for next so the timing of this video was perfect! Thanks Bou! 😁

  9. U.S.S. Alaska CB 1

    I’m just here looking at all these completed tech trees meanwhile I’m stuck on tier 8

  10. I have nothing to add but this is perfect as I am far agree with you, Haragumo was my favorite line IJN DD, unless new German BB lines was awesome as I love Schlieffen so much plus you’re correct about require lvl 17 to 21 for that line excellent video brother

  11. Good advice all around. Glad to see this in video form.

  12. I love hitting enormous AP broadsides but right now I’m having a love affair with the Conqueror. It’s so consistent and if you can manage to avoid citadels/torps you can basically print yourself a new ship with every heal. The previous ships in the line are kinda miserable though 🙁

  13. Republique and Z-52 are the most underrated ships in this game !!!

  14. I think it is also worth pointing out that it may be a good idea to grind the old German BB line ending with the Grosser Kurfürst and the Russian DD line ending with the Khabarovsk as both of these tier 10 ships are planned to be replaced with new ships in 2022. If you grind them out (play or free XP) you will get the two vessels “special ships” that would otherwise need to be bought for coal and the two replacement ships in the tech lines. Four tier 10 ships for the price of two! They may not be the best ships in the game but they are interesting.
    No idea when this change will happen though, the old press released say “early 2022.”

    • Update from recent news I heard you will need to regrind the new tier 10’s from 9 so it won’t just be a freely given ship like I thought. Still get the ones as special ships at least.

  15. I love the Schlieffen, but the main thing that kept me from playing it in Ranked is because of how unrewarding secondary hits are, which tend to lead to me losing my star everytime I lose even though I played decently with well over 100k 🙁

  16. Very helpful video
    Thanks and keep em coming…

  17. I actually enjoyed the T7 German battlecruiser more than the T8. T8 was awkward to me.

  18. If I had my time again I’d probably take the Japanese BB line ending in Yamato before the Montana. US BBs are painful to grind in the lower tiers because they’re so incredibly slow. Yes, the North Carolina and above are awesome in the right hands, but the rest of the line is like watching paint dry… slow af and boring.

  19. The best line is the play something else line. I’m currently on the project zomboid class

  20. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Venezia line or Yama Line

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