TOP 3 Most HATED SHIPS ??? World of Warships

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  1. Well….asashio just came out or? I think it is too early to say, that she is hated

  2. and the saipan or the kaga??? (I’m a battleship player)

    • I got to t7 in US cvs. With only 1 fighter squad you will never compete with other cvs, so I hate the saipan and kaga too. They are definently op

    • i played through the ranger and had no real issues fighting a kaga of course it is still a challenge because covering your whole fleet can still be difficult and letting a strike through without somewhat weakening the planes usually meant a crippled ally, but your 1 fighter has chances against the 2 kaga squadrons. compared to the saipan fighters

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku

      Saipan, Kaga might have load of planes and squadrons but they only tier 6. While Saipan only have few squadron, but its a tier 9 Aircraft, with commander skill and AS mode, Saipan have the same fighter number of Ranger AS mode ( with tier 9 Aircraft, not 7 )

    • +SierzantEvansable Because they are premiums 🙂 So how about Fiji? she is also the most powerful regular cruiser.

    • I main a Hiryu.

      A Saipan is *good* when played by a good player, but it’s not unfair, due to their limited anti-ship loadout and high variance (getting lucky and AA bringing down a single plane on approach just reduced a torp strike to 66% effectiveness). Other than the fact they can escape-strafe with no penalty, it’s fine.

      A Kaga is just plain stupid with it’s plane reserves. I can play perfectly, shoot down 50+planes, and it will STILL be launching full stacks at the end of the game. (Also FYI, Kaga and Hiryu have the exact same torpedo plane at T6 🙁 )

  3. Any selfish ship should be hated.

  4. That conqueror aim was just horrible to watch

  5. Most hated list imo
    1: Conqueror ,minotaur and chung mu at same division
    2: Conqueror
    3: chung mu

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      “Conqueror and Belfast at same division” *WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?*
      It’s going to be Conqueror and Worcester soon.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing sorry I forget that Belfast is tier 7 ill fix the list!.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Well it’s easy to forget since T8 battles often has one Belfast in the team lineups. In my case, I often forget Musashi is T9.

  6. on fast forward it sounds like wild west…

  7. @6:44 “PTW” for the Belfast? If you have any sense of how hated the ship is, you call it the Payfast!

  8. The biggest fckin problem in this game is high tier bb players going on sniping tours. Thank god the idiots at WG implemented the Asashio the drive even further away from the caps!

    • I just realized there was a reason to release this ship. Ruined battles due to BB passivity (and it’s very true in hi tiers, like You mentioned) did call for this action. As a Cruiser player myself I will sure try to assist Asashios more from now on

    • Fig Vam Yes but the ASSashio won’t force bb-players to be aggressive but even more passive then they are today. There is basically No way what so ever a bb-player can counter that ship in its current state and that shit is just no short of Wg money grabbing. At the cost of all the other players actually depending on bb:s playing their role instead of playing snipers…

  9. Where are GZ and Enterprise ?

  10. Spacial Sonic777

    Conqueror are 6 reason for nerf
    1 :He incendary op
    2 :He damage is massive
    3 :Spoting range is so low
    4 :No citadel
    5 :Healing is so massive
    6 :3 Conqueror on division, no opponent can compete

  11. Why is ATLANTA not in this list?

  12. No Shima?????? I thought all 3 spots would be the Shima…

  13. I couldn’t figure out based on the title if they meant hated as in “people hate to play it” or as in “people hate to play against it”. I see it’s the latter.

    I personally don’t enjoy the BB playstyle, though i do have a few mid tier BB’s (up to T7). I just feel like it’s too slow, and i feel as if i don’t have the ability to contribute as much to the team winning a game as i do in a different ship class. So i’m perfectly happy with the Asashio reducing the bloated and passive BB population. We need more CA captains.

    The Conquerer was difficult to deal with when it first came out, but it doesn’t seem to be as big of a problem anymore now that people have figured out how it works. Honestly i don’t see that many in games anymore. I would assume if it was as OP as everyone thinks it is, you would be seeing people sailing them all the time. I tend to mostly see Montana’s and Yamato’s in T10 games.

    The Belfast is just straight up broken. I have no idea why WG decided to launch it as is, and then after they did launch it they left it on sale for what felt like an eternity. This one ship is one of the biggest reasons i avoid T5-9 ships like the plague. Luckily i don’t have to deal with them in my T10 games, which is what i primarily play mostly now a days. Though they are still annoying when i need to level up a new ship line.

  14. i wont say i hate any ship… i would say i hate players 😀

    my top 3.

    3 : Camping BB´s that want everyone else to spot or tank

    2: people who play bad and blame the team

    1: people who play the game without fun

  15. instant multiple reports guaranteed, even before a battle starts, in a triple Belfast division, even in a t9 game. And I just don’t understand why…

  16. WHAT would be YOUR top 3 ^^ ?

  17. Without watching 1. Conqueror 2. Belfast 3. Asashio or midway

  18. kamikaze r?

  19. fair and balanced

  20. No wonder BB player allways camp far away. Against DDs like this you can’t fight. You will lose no matter what.

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