Top 5 Beginner cruiser mistakes

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The 5 Most common beginner Mistakes I notice in Cruisers in Wows! if ya see any that i miss definitely write them in the comments!

0:00 intro
0:59 Going Broadside or not Angling Enoug
3:45 Opening up at the Wrong Time
6:16 Over-Committing to Islands
16:09 Activating hydro too late
18:39 Not using AP on broadside targets

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  1. I see people going broadside all the time with any type of ship, ready to receive hits in the citadel.
    I got countless number of Citadel hits with AP shells even with the small Hill Destroyer. I mainly play Tier V-VIII, because i’m not good enough for Tier X.

  2. My issue with playing cruiser isn’t how I play but that I play tier 7 or 8 and get up tiered to the highest degree with no heal and I just don’t know what to do because I can get two shot off the map.

    • Then play lower tiers. I had the same problem and felt like I was above low tier. 5 and 6 are good tiers with targets, that don’t always fight back perfectly as well as ships that are not as punishing to get hit by.

    • I would say that you need to be more conservative when “up tier’ed” that means playing the boat at conservative distance from threats and staying around team mates statistically is healthier, also mini map 🗺️ sit awareness gets more important when “up tier’ed” you gotta position with lower risks

  3. Notes not mentioned: When turning, lowering to 1/2 speed makes the turn sharper than full speed, this is best executed during the last half of the turn so that the speed change and turning tricks the lead your enemies have on aiming at you

    Second as mention the area is which you overextendeds moves around as either team shift so not moving can mean that the overextended area moves to you, hence why its hard to decide when you’re overextended, but a good note is if your flank is outnumbered 3 to 1 (in case the enemy does a lemming train to your cap, YAY!) is a good note to have your ship already kiting, ready to leave when the flank falls
    -Special circumstances may apply to this rule, such as having a torp DD, CV being present, and your ship type

  4. Great guide, thankyou!

  5. Admiral Prince Eric

    Yeah, I really like about a great guide on playing Cruisers in the general for the game was ever consider on this.

    Playing cruisers was it ever frustrating like taking up the damage from enemy ships and even shot a citadel in clearly but losing HP in any direction

    Not much to say of any battles in the game feels like burden off my hands.

  6. Suicide torps #6

  7. General Cartman Lee

    Angling might be worse than showing broadside when you face a BB with really big guns as those shells need to hit a certain amount of armor to arm and travel quite some distance before exploding. This is why the Japanese light cruisers are so annoying, you just overpen them with BBs.
    Angling causes the effective armor to become thicker and a shell will spend longer inside the ship when traveling through diagonal.
    However when facing US BBs you better not get closer than 15 km with any cruiser as the ballistics of the slow orbital shells will make them very effective against cruisers. Just yesterday I devstruck a Roon and an Amalfi with the Iowa in one battle.

    A very common mistake is not using the consumables. Too often you see cruisers hiding behind islands not using their radar because they can’t shoot anything. But your teammates might be able to shoot targets you spot with radar.
    I even saw cruisers with radar and hydro available getting torped by the first DD wave in Operation Cherry Blossom…

  8. General rule number 1 in all wg titles : if ppl start to insult you, never do what they want you to do. They are usualy idiots who blame others because they are frustrated. Dont be the babysitter for trolls 😂

  9. I wanna see @malteseknight try this type of video with his typical humour that probably epic 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Cruisers have highest skill ceiling of any other classes in my opinion. Played badly and out of position, they are removed. Played well, they have firepower to destroy BBs and tools like Hydro and Radar to have great influence on the game.

  11. Bou Who is the captain of the Hindenburg?

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