Top 5 Best and Worst Premiums of 2017 – World of Warships

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2017 is over! It’s time to take a look back at the ships, along with the 5 premiums of the year.


  1. What are your thoughts on the uss bama?

    • Karl Barbosa i know i already saw that part when i posted. Its a question about the ship in general

    • dkahs to be honest it’s good but the fact is north cals main guns are better and your a BB directly tiered with it .. Bama may well have slightly better manoverabilty and have better torp belt … but let’s face it if your in a BB u try to avoid torps anyway and ultimately it’s all about the main guns. You won’t be brawling in a north cal you sit back abit use concealment and slam people like you do in a bama … even it’s lowered cit won’t help it much brawling . Each to their own but I’ll stick to my north cal I have plenty of prem ships but bama not one I particular want

    • Eh … yes and no. Both North Cal and Alabama play very similarly, but while North Cal is better as a mid range concealment BB, Alabama is a better brawler. But the two are so similar that they could still fill both roles well. Personally, while I love both, Alabama is my favorite as I like to play aggressively and Alabama really rewards aggressive play.

    • Karl Barbosa I agree but being a better brawler than a north cal really isn’t saying much , north cal is pants a brawling if it doesn’t one shot what ever it brawls fast it will eat cits … bama may well be better but it’s going to suffer brawling tirpdz , bismarks even amagis .. probably better than monarch but monarchs so meh anyway but it won’t be getting cited ether … ofc in the sense that they are being played by some one of equal skill as yourself .

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Alabama (and I share Zoup’ thoughts there ) is superior to the NCal. American BB anti air is already very powerful but the smaller turning radius and faster rudder make the ‘bama that tiny bit more flexible and fun than the base-line NCal…. (this of course varies for the “hanging back and doing nothing” crowd of BB players ) plus, i do not have to play through the terrible Colorado and New Mexico to actually use her^^

  2. I basically agree with most of your choice’s, Zoup.

    – Lert

  3. King Henry the Fifth?? LOL
    Though… agree on the Alabama! Use it on the ranked. Though its sigma is worse than the NC, its more tanky, and the torpedo protection makes it better for those end-Plays… like when i rushed a Lo Yang in smoke and blapped it. So even if ii isnt the best at one thing, its good at it all. Im sure that the skilled players will stay at the NC because of its consistency, but as long as i can take a lot of damage and fire and we win, im ok with that.

    • ansepe74 not sure bama any more tanky than the NC if anything it’s takes more super structure dmg since it’s the same build as NC just squashed abit . Can’t say you particularly want to brawl in ether the lowered cit won’t he,p much if the player you face knows how to aim the side armours still paper . I don’t much care about torp belts yer it’s nice but no bb deliberately drives into torps anyway( NC is hardly sluggish and can’t dodge torps ). The tanky ability of NC and bama depend as much on the build your using on them as anything else .

    • I love my alabama i run a full aa build. That said, I play tank build north carolina in ranked unless I see a carrier in the queue. In that case I swap to bama. Funny thing is that results in 50 north cal games and 2 alabama games lol. Theyre both solid picks at the end of the day

    • If you look at the armorscheme, you will see 2 features: the 50% torpedo bulges. These helped me from getting too much torp damage in the Lo Yang brawl. These also doubles up with the side-armor and gives an extra 25mm.. That it also has a 5mm thicker belt than NC makes it pretty tough. So is it with the front. When u look at the ships from the side, you will also see it is a little smaller, which make ith harder to hit. Its also more nimble and easier to get into positions. Yeah… its not as stealth like Monarch, good guns like Amagi, powerful AA as NC or as tanky citadel as a Bismarck, But its a Jack of all trades… its good at many things 🙂

  4. King Henry the 5th eh?

  5. I like my hood but your ranking was great

    • Hood’s problem is that while she’s very fast and tanky when angled, her guns are atrociously bad. She has the weak pen of british battleship AP, while not getting the great british battleship HE. On top of that, Nelson was released soon after at the same tier and is a MUCH better ship in absolutely every respect other than speed. Hood either needs her sigma buffed to 2.0 (like Colorado and Nagato) or given british BB HE.

    • Karl Barbosa I disagree on this, hood is a far better ship than nelson when played by high level players in my opinion.

    • I don’t get the response to the Hood. Sure it’s not as tanky unless well angled but it’s a slender and fast battlecruiser. The guns can troll you but they can also do good damage. I think I’ve had some of my highest damage games for that tier in the Hood, including the Scharnhorst.

    • It is indeed your opinion. Nelson’s stats are currently MUCH better than Hood’s, and all those unicum community contributors all praised Nelson and slammed Hood for her weak guns.

    • What about in the hands of non-unicums? That is a different parameter.

  6. I’d probably say Ashitaka is worse than Mutsu. Because the Mutsu has a large potential to citadel enemy targets with it’s 410mm guns while the Ashitaka is just kinda meh all the way around. And the Huang He can be used to great effect in Operations due to it’s fantastic concealment so I’d scratch it from the list entirely if only barely due to situational uses.

    • Akemi Homura guess one issue is Mutsu being T6 with poor armour faces T8 s a lot obviously any T6 BB suffered abit when bottom tier but mutsu will get hammered ,not to mention its poor desperation , them guns hit hard if they hit solid wich let’s face it unless they are close in they won’t and up close they will also take massive dmg .. even my Arizona punches holes in them at any range even angled .

    • Concealment in Operation ? You mean versus AI moving ahead ?

    • mutsu is saved by her mm spread but she’s just plain awful

    • I personally love the Mutsu, but I’m not going to say she’s a great ship. Her mediocre armor coupled with poor penetration on the guns really makes her difficult to play as the armor says “I need to stay at range” but the guns say “You won’t pen much unless you brawl”. On the other hand, she can be devastating if allowed to get into close range with unwitting targets. Still she’s a great ship to take to Co-op and Operations as she offers high damage against oblivious AI.

  7. wait kidd is not in the top 5?

  8. A little harsh on the Duke of York .. yes you can buy it but u can get it for free anyway so free at least gives it some kudos .. I hate graff spee other than its history but it’s free and I have it gathering dust in my port ,but it’s prem like DoY so you can always throw a captain in there your training for the daily .

    • Karl Barbosa well some people have bigger wallets than brains .. the missions are pretty bloody easy even for newbs to do … and I’m sure like the graff campaign the limited time you have to complete like DoY camgian is pretty easy if you make some effort and time to do it . I have no idea how much DoY actually costs but I’m sure the stuff acquired through missions quite likely covers the cost of buying it … if you bothered obviously . Mate of mine bought be an October revolution and the daily crates I acquired with it wile the missions ran coved it’s cost twice over easily .

    • It is not free. It is being sold in Premium shop for real money. There is an option to get it without paying but it DOESNT MEAN IT IS FREE. You still invest your time to get it. And what you get? A shitty KGV with gimmicks that doesnt suit its playstyle.

    • Graf Spee is an excellent ship though. It can stomp cruisers and deal huge damage to unaware BBs. Plus that heal is a godsend. And thats not even mentioning that it gets better torps than any other German cruiser

    • Just because DoY was free, does not mean it wasnt a horrible developemental disastor and just outright worse than its tech tree counterpart

    • Ill be honest, Im mainly looking to get it for a free port slot, not to play the ship that failed to clone properly.

  9. I absolutely agree with your list. I have them all but Graff Zepplin, Ashitaka and Duke of York. I have no interest in those 3. Ashitaka was wayyyyy overpriced for the garbage that it is. Duke of York is a ship that has no excitement for me and Graff Z..I am so sick of hearing about it, that I lost all interest in it. You should also mention how so overpriced these ships have become. I mean $100 for a ship bundle is just becoming a little too ridiculous.

  10. Your list is based on how they impacted the game and not exactly on the strengths of the ships themselves. That said the lists were legit. I think they end up doing one more rework on the Duke as if it’s going to be a clone at least make it a better clone not worse

    • Devin Linker making better clones as premiums is how companies kill their games. That’s why kii was good. It had torps and aa but worse guns and worse armor

    • The Kii is a great example of a clone done right, you are right on the money there. The Duke is its own animal but at the same time WG did what they did to it because they wanted it to try to stand on its own. I’m grinding it for free. Can’t see myself buying it like I did with the Graf. Either way yes if the clones are the better ship then the game suffers, though I can site the Missouri but that’s a another discussion for another time

  11. Just picked up the cesare yesterday.had enough left over dubloons to grab a ship on sale and it came down to either the cesare or the duca.glad i chose the cesare,she’s fantastic.


  13. spot on Zoupy

  14. There’s nothing wrong with Mutsu. It’s distinct from the Fuso, well balanced, and interesting without being too gimmicky. Don’t lump it in with crap like Trashitaka.

    • SkaerKrow Problem of the Mutsu is that while she is a textbook example of a glass cannon in terms of armor etc., she lacks consistent gun performance to make up for her squishiness.

    • well. her gun performance was the problem. and her tier also made her easy to be uptiered. Mutsu is nice when angled…..but the problem was like most IJN BBs had. no angle= penetrations everywhere. and mutsu has it worse

      Well 410mm on T6 is fine. T5 is overpen. T7 is pen. T8 is shatter. and her AA ……..G fucking G really….

  15. Whats also lovely on Nelson is that my Warspite captain fits there quite nicely. Plus Nelson looks quite good, I’d say.

  16. Nelson: Meh…. A bit slow and the armor is a bit weak but can give a good punch.
    HSF Harekaze: I love it! Kagero with good guns. What’s not to like?
    Kaga: Haven’t played it much but as a CV-noob I didn’t suck as bad as I thought I would.
    Alabama: Basic USN BB.
    Giulio Cesare: Cruiser-like with good speed and fast tuning turrets.

    Okhotnik: 4X3 torps that reload in 47 seconds. Hello “Double Strike”!
    Oktober Rev.: A bit underwelming with 305 mm guns.
    Kidd: Proves that brawlers DO come in small packages

    Hood: It’s a battlecruiser, not a battleship and should be played accordingly.
    Duke of York: Its a KGV with 20% longer reload. Bummer.
    Mutsu: Hard hitting, fast and sneaky torps. Me like.
    Ashitaka: One of the few premiums I do not have. And I don’t want it either. (Have Kii.)
    Huang He: Go to Co-Op and stay there. You can hang out with Krasny Krym. I’m sure you have plenty to talk about.

    Graf Zeppelin: Right now the 11th and 12th test-versions are out and so far no one of the CV-caps likes any of them. I think what WG is doing now is just testing stuff for the RN CVs. If it was up to me I would release the least-complained-about version and then just move on.

    I wish the Dreadnought and the Agincourt would come as premiums. 🙂

  17. “The Hood didn’t live up to peoples expectations”

    So it’s Historically accurate then?

    • MajesticDemonLord no it isn’t!
      -It doesnt get detonated everytime a Bismarck fires
      -British ships dont go chasing after the ship that destroyed the Hood
      Major disappointment

  18. SWEET! the only one I had on this list that was considered bad is Mutsu 😀 Tho I think Mutsu does bring some interesting life to T6. At the moment she’s 2nd fastest for BBs at T6, she has 16″ guns (albeit poorer shell design), she also has the last minute torpedoes which, if used right and not suicidally, can be good leverage. Tho she is quite squishy (cause dat citadel tho), she can be a good carry ship ;P

  19. Kidd is number one for me, I quite like Mutsu, i’ts probably best tier 6 BB and Huaghe as it plays like a Perth and I love the Perth playstyle. Think NC is better than Alabama, I like the Nelson too. I got Huaghe, Guilo Cesare, Kii, Othotnik and Duca D’Aosta in Christmas crates. can’t complain but I wanted the Gremy

  20. you said duke of york is a sister ship of king henry V…….

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