Top 5 Over Powered Premium ships! World of Warships (2018)

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2018 is coming to an end so its time to recap the year and do a Top 5 most Over Powered ships! This years video will be a little different format than last years with two top 5 lists! The first 5 will be ships that are currently attainable through normal means (premium store/campaigns/events) and the second list will be the top 5 “unattainable” ships. These are ships that are either no longer attainable or purely through super containers or other unreliable methods.

What premium ships do you think are over powered?


  1. Which ship do you think is the most over powered ship in the game?


  2. When are new premium ships coming out?

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Gulio Cesare is no longer obtainable and should be on the other list

    • I think you are correct. I got mine from a Santa crate.

    • Yes it got removed.

    • This video lasts a year. To my knowledge the Cesare hasn’t been completely removed and could come back to the tech tree/premium store in the future

    • +Mejash You could be right, but when they announced the Santa crate rewards they put the Giulio in with the rare ships, not the regular ships (Missouri, Belfast, Mikhail Kutuzov, Giulio Cesare, Gremyashchy, Kamikaze, Imperator Nikolai I is how this listed it) so I think they stealth removed it

    • I did a search and they haven’t made a formal announcement about it being removed yet. With WG, they usually make a big fuss and have one last sale to make extra cash before they get rid of it. 😀

  4. Great video. Happy New Year, Mejash.
    Edit: Yea! T-61!

  5. T-61 is not only op but also the best looking ship in the game

  6. Happy New Year Mjash .
    just wist HMS Belfast came with Torpedoes . She did used to have them ……..
    she is huge fun to play and on the other side great joy when you sink her …. all round fun fun fun .
    I just realised … I have most of the ships on your lists ……………. oh dear ………………

    • I wish I could get a Kamikaze or Kutuzov. I’d settle for a Gremy. I was, however, fortunate enough to get a Belfast in a Santa Crate this year. So I’ve got that going for me, I guess.

  7. Its funny how people get salty about some of these ships because they dont have them. Meanwhile when they came out i researched and investigated them and bought them because i saw the value. They had the opportunity and chose not to or could not afford. Thats life but in reality they should be happy buying any premiums is a waste of money there just pixels and when the game dies so does your investment so its not the end of the world.

  8. Huanghe is the king of OP ships.

    Prove me wrong.

  9. Then comes a commoner getting the Mighty Mo and wondering why they are not making 1mil a battle. lol

  10. I feel dirty for having every ship on this list!

  11. Erm, so how do I get a Gulio again?

  12. Around last year, I was in London taking pictures and literally touching the Belfast with my bare hands, unknowing the fact that WG is about to remove her forever. I’m still salty to this day.

  13. And remember that the Belfast also had the UK torpedoes on test :))) That would have been a blast :))))

  14. Why is the Stalingrad not on this list? That ship is the bane of my existence at T10 xD

  15. I think my favorite premium has got to be the Kamikaze. There is just a feeling when you dev strike a BB for 55K dmg and you know all that player said just before death was, “Oh fuuuddge.” And they had no idea it was coming. A think just a bit better than deleted a cruiser with a BB salvo because in most cases, the cruiser knows people are shooting at them. The BB had no idea..

  16. They put Belfast in at the wrong tier.

  17. Kutuzov is more OP than Belfast, I think, for one simple reason: it has flat-shooting, easy-to-aim guns that can comfortably farm tons of damage all the way out to max range even when forced out of smoke. Also, Kutuzov’s 8km torps are good for area denial, flushing out smokes, and setting ambushes, plus its AA makes it a thorny target for carriers to try to drop. Belfast, on the other hand, has floaty ballistics and comparatively short range (which means it can’t play around radar ships quite as easily as Kutuzov can), and lack of torpedoes meaning it has no close-range sucker punch to get it out of trouble.

    Neither of them care what sort of matchmaking they get, and both are hideously OP, but I think Kutuzov just edges Belfast out as “most OP premium in the history of the game” for me. T-61 is definitely up there, too.

  18. Its pronounced “Che-zer-ray” not “Caesar” and its also not available.

  19. I think the T6 japan BB mutsu should get a honorable mention. 7km torps that reload faster than main guns. I always have a fun time in this ship and so easy to get top xp in team.

  20. If you are like me having a hard time with Iowa (Missouri) guns then Kronshtadt is the best credit earner. The guns make DD’s an easy prey and when they smoke up just push the radar button and finish them off.

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