Top 5 Over Powered Premium ships! World of Warships

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Everything from low tier destroyers to high tier cruisers the breath fire. Let me know which ships you guys think are over powered!


  1. Good vid Mejash – enjoyed it

  2. Nice. I think you could make a 10 list but yeah it’s ok 🙂

  3. 1 Kutuzov
    2 Belfast
    3 Saipan
    4 Kaga (its torps and amount of planes at T7)
    5 Gremmy
    6 Nikolay
    7 Kamikaze
    8 LoYang (sonar is amazing and has now great 6,7 km fast torps)
    9 Nelson (heal and great AP and HE and accurate – I hit DD from 15 km devastating strike many times or made it ultra low hp)
    10 Perth (moving smoke and amazing almost Belfast HE and fire chance, downside is range but has torps :))

  4. Saipans made me rage soo hard they almost made me quit the game when i was grinding my Ranger but after i got my Hiryu i got payback. Fighter build Hiryu’s rape Saipans. I kept my Hiryu just for this. Saipans are not OP when facing Hiryus imo.

  5. Enterprise with AP bombs are up there too.

  6. A Top 5 is pointless if current players can’t access them.
    If a ship is taken off sell list and not in returning IE: Gremyashchy, Imperator Nikolai etc why even mention them ? it’s like telling a kid this icecream is the best ever but you can’t have any.
    A more balanced list would be ships current/new players can get their hands on IMHO.

  7. Nice vid! I think the Kaga is up there too, and possibly the enterprise with those AP bombs… Now it is time to make an OP (for its tier) tech tree video! Cough cough, conqueror cough cough.

  8. 1 Saipay because a tier VII carrier should not be able to take out a Cleveland using defensive fire in one dive bomber pass, no I wasn’t in either Saipay is literally sky cancer
    2 Graf Zeppelin with 3x torp squadrons, which is apparently finalized oh noes they can’t hit DDs but they kill pretty much everything else. Oh and they are immune from being scattered by defensive AA and fighters (may have been changed) so it’s a big fuck you ship. That and well I have problems with the ship being tier VIII, but that’s not a balance issue.
    3 Payfast because radar, smoke, and hydro, take radar away and it’s not that bad, though I am in the either nerf smoke to oblivion or outright ban it entirely (because it makes the game kind of boring) category

    Have no problem with the Kamikaze seeing as how it’s just a premium Minekaze and Mine’s torps should never have been nerfed. Though for a long time Kamikaze was my favorite ship, and I learned to dodge torpedoes in big dumb slow BBs so I may be a bit biased.

    Have no problem with the Kutuzov though I have global issues with smoke, and before you say anything I have over 200 games in Minekaze and near 100 in Kamikaze and I play other destroyers and RN cruisers so don’t give me any “oh you’re just whining” bullshit, I use TRB when I can and hate smoke as a general mechanic of the game. Haven’t played in it, and it is a bit annoying to play against it, but it’s not like she’s invincible or anything, just kind of annoying.

    Have no issues with the Nikolai, torpedoes are a hard counter to her, and she has pathetic AA.

    I really have no problems with any premium ship other than those 3. Though Russian DDs in the tech tree could use a re-balance, and giving radar and smoke to Pan Asian destroyers despite massive backlash from literally everyone (USS Black, Payfast) every time they do it because it’s boring and annoying.

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