Top 5 Premium Ships of 2019 in World of Warships

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2019 is coming to a close, so it’s time to take a look at the top 5 premium ships of 2019. We had a ton of ships and many became fan favorites like the Georgia. Some, like the Smolensk, were controversial. Only 5 could make the best of list. Let’s see what they were.


  1. Thanks Zoup for all the vids, time and effort. Happy new year and congratulations and best of luck with the upcoming twins.

  2. WG: For F*** sake, he missed Puerto Rico

  3. I agree with this, sadly i went for smol first because i thought it would be pulled. Keep up the good work.i dont think smol is as OP as others think, its easy to delete when you screw up. benham however is OP and i love using it.

    • Yeah I agree they are easy to kill if you know what you are doing, I’ve done it with my Salem.

    • @armymatt83 Salem/Des Moines absolutely wreck the Smolensk. I feel like Everytime I get a solid shot on one it’s a Dev strike ?

    • @Paul t its almost as if they were designed to kill ships like smolensk ? I’ve actually been detonated by a BB shell while in my smolensk, the only cruiser I have that has happened in. Lol

  4. I got Thunderer instead of pissing around with the Puerto Rico, best decision i could’ve made in my view.

  5. My top premium of 2019 was Ohio! A brawling version of Montana that can delete Smol np!

  6. Got my Thunderer today, I’m in love. She is my soulmate.

  7. Thunderer is my next coal ship for sure. Seems like such a fun ship.

  8. I couldn’t place a ship in the top list unless it’s readily available to all players. Benham was gone before I started playing, and I wasn’t going to drop a couple of grand on containers for the chance of getting one. Steel ships are also out for me.

  9. The Friesland is the best 1M XP I ever spent in game.

  10. Its nice that the Benem is awesome, to bad people cant get it.

  11. “Zoop you’re crazy.”

    That goes without saying! 🙂

  12. Benham is a love-hate relationship…
    I love it because it does everything the shima does but better
    I hate it because it does everything the shima does but better

  13. Where would I put Smolensk?
    In hell, where it can get HE spam’d for eternity.

  14. WG: Premium ships Only Whales and WG CC’s need apply….

  15. just missed the top 5 cut
    he says as the torpedoes just barely miss him

  16. My favorites are: Hill, Benham, Alaska, …………

  17. Bayard is one of the most underrated ships. It excels as a tier 8 as an open water cruiser yet I see very few.

  18. I put JB somewhere in that spot, JB release in 2019 right?

  19. “different” just spam torpedoes.. yeah thats really diferrent

  20. 7:20 lmao during CB I also tried to do the same to my clan mates ?
    I also wish I had the Benham. Probably my dream ship right now.

    Also I would put Smolensk in the broadside of my Worcester at mid-close range.

    My top 5 list:
    5. Friesland
    4. Colbert
    3. Thunderer (only ship on this list I own lol)
    2. Bayard
    1. Benham

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