Top 5 Problems with CV Rework – World of Warships

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This is my first “Top 5 List”, and it’s a big one…


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  1. CaptainCaptainZach

    You’re right. I would definitely play this game if I could get carriers without spending $ or so many hours. Nothing else really interested me besides the carriers when I tried the game.

  2. 1984? Hong Kong turnover to china?

  3. Don’t like the new update I like the way it was

    • Well the community and Wargaming not only disagreed with you the showed DATA to prove that the RTS was garbage.

    • So you liked ALPHA strikes? You are being intellectually dishonest.

    • No wargaming is being dishonest . One there was no rocket planes until later in the war and only in the Atlantic theater of operation not the Pacific. Which lasted longer than the European theater. Aircraft carriers only had torpedoes and bomber and fighters aircraft on carriers .so who’s being dishonest now. Or courses we only get the Russian point of view about world war 2.not ours.

  4. I like the real-time-strategy version in the past, but I also like the updated version. The control delay, lack of torpedo lead indicator, and the dive bomber being difficult to use is on purpose. If it is too easy to control, CV will do WAY too much damage. They are doing their designed job: allowing only experienced players to fly with precision. Can you imagine this game if all the ships stop on a dime the instance you stop the engine?

  5. I wish they would have just tweaked the old RTS style gameplay, although in my opinion there wasn’t really anything wrong with it. I like RTS type gameplay and I think it suits the carriers in this game. I can’t see myself ever adopting this new style of gameplay, it just doesn’t excite me in any way.

    • Agreed.

    • Disagree. They made damn near two hours of video showing why the RTS was broken beyond repair. Try it it is addicting when you understand it.

    • +play030 what is addicting, the ruined cvs? I did try them; even before I tried them, I new they were garbage. The controls are awful, the gameplay is boring as hell, and if you somehow know how to manipulate the awful system, it’s apparently broken as hell. Even tech deals mentioned that, 500k+ games are now a thing.

      Why is it boring? I actually have reasons for that. The rts style, with its “too much to handle” was fun. Having a million squads on the field gave you options, strategy. They removed fighters, one of the most interesting (and frustrating) elements of the old gameplay. The teamplay; scouting, spotting, scrubbing for torps from where a shima was last spotted, and finally, cv vs cv gameplay. It was a game of skill, with the fighter portion of engagements being part man vs man, and the rest coordination with your team. Now? The skill is all gone. It’s a giant farm fest, who gets the fattest number. And yes, in the old system, a stupidly good player could completely dominate the match, and fuck the other player over if he sucks or isn’t smart enough to play conservatively when outmatched. But guess what? Now it’s even worse. Sure, the lesser cv can’t be deplaned now, but now he jut loses all of his aircraft to surface ships. And unicums still rule with 300k 400k 500k games regularly.

  6. Greetings.

    I agree with you in 90%.

    My feelings about it:
    I feel more invited to play CV right now. The RTS game mode was too demanding.

    There is many issues to be fixed, but I think that is way better now.

    About the boring CV action: Let´s think about the reasons behind the rework. So, it´s supose to be that way. Boring ? Oh, perhaps not, but let´s be honest, how many time in the game we just sail, and move across the map without any action ? Perhaps the fix helps out but It should be that way. Less demanding, for me an old guy, but maybe boring for other people.

    The point is that the strategic part of the game is kind of absent from CV perspective. The whole thing is to manage the attack runs.
    From surface ships part, that I play the most:
    1 : with various CV the game is more vibrant: the sounds, the actions creates and exciting environment. Cool.
    2: with various CV the game become less “strategic”. Because, the concealment becomes a key part of the game. There´s no place to hide anymore.

    As you may speak for us, average players, I suggest :
    1: One major thing behind the rework is the map control by the carriers:

    So the way may be:
    Reduce the plane fly reach.
    Reduce the map control allowing the ships to be undercover only in the line of sight of the plane cockpit.

    With the map control reduced, you can also:

    Switch back to RTS mode with more squadrons in the sky, in the fly radius.
    Use the rework mode to manage the strikes.


    They wouldn´t listen to me, may be they listen to you, Mrs. Deals.


  7. Yea I hadn’t played WoW for almost a year and a couple days ago started getting into it. First things first I swear to god I had I had a tier 5 IJN CV and now it’s just gone… No compensation or anything for the lost ship. Second I prefer the old RTS element where I could deploy multiple aircraft. Third it now feels like dive bombers are more effective than torpedo bombers(at least for IJN tier 4) probably since you can only launch one torpedo at a time. Mainly i’m just salty about loosing my tier V carrier since now I gotta grind 57,000XP with my tier 4 carrier for the tier 6 which hurts bad since I already worked really hard for the tier 5.

  8. I like the new updated version bud i’m always getting uptiered+2 in my carrier where i only can spot because the carriers our nerfed to the ground,my planes don’t have a change against the flak dodging theme is useless.The only tier where you can do something is t6 and t10.Can’t move the cv when you fly,auto repair on carrier, carrierplayers our completely screwed:( It’s terrible.

  9. Top 5 Problems with CV Rework;
    1. CV’s ruin the game.
    2. CV’s ruin the game.

    3. CV’s ruin the game.

    4. CV’s ruin the game.

    5. CV’s ruin the game.

  10. I own one CV, the reason is I had trouble being effective so I stopped playing it. About a two years later I decided to give it a go again and started to get better. Then I heard about the rework so I stopped playing it because why become proficient at style of game play who’s days were numbered. Now Ill never play a CV gain. I’ve been saying this from the very first game I played with the CV rework, WOWS should have called WOWP to do the heavy lifting on this project because the game play is like a really bad smart phone app. Instead they tried to reinvent the wheel and flailed. Deal breaker, I’ve stopped playing. The control is just like being drunk. There is absolutely no room for strategic player. I thought I can go low, use islands to make approaches for runs on ships….nope. The planes take off, reach altitude and I can barely turn left and right. I decide to drop and the GAME takes over to control until the drop is done…wth. There is no excuse for this poorly executed update.

  11. I was pleasently surprised after being super negative about the rework. Of there is anything I VERY MUCH disagree with here it is torpedo lead indicator, we never had it for RTS and you dont have it for primary armamament in any ship. Also the flying across the map issue is far less prevalent if you keep your cv close to your targets. I find myself in front of my teammates by midgame and making a push. That is not a Uniscum play, its not a high level tactic. A small amount of map awareness, which is easy if we Only control 1 thing at a time, allows you to manage your waypoints and AA sector without much issue and without much risk. I understand That many things can certaibly be tweaked to make it more balanced AND more fun

    • What the hell are you going on about? All surface ships with torpedoes get a torpedo lead indicator, and yes, the old system had one. When mousing over a ship, the auto drop cone would appear, showing you an indicator of where torps ought to go to hit the ship. Did you even play the old cvs?

    • +The Rogue Admiral First off, address me like an adult please. Secondly, I will preface this by saying my IGN is Kebobstuzov on the NA server. I played the old CVs, with a 70% winrate over the course of over 2,200 battles, primarily in Midway. To your point about auto drop… If you are using autodrop past T5, you are playing CVs poorly. Using the lead of autodrops to judge your manual drop is useless, because autdrops are both wider spread and dropped from about twice as far out. Manual drops showed an indicator that is nearly identical to what we have now, no lead indicator, just displaying the course of the drop. As for torpedo lead indicator on surface ships, I never mentioned that. I said primary armament. As I see it a torpedo lead indicator on the new CVs would be equivalent to Wargaming implementing the yellow box cheat into the game for all surface ships. It would take a strong class in reworked CVs, and make them even less reliant on skill, and even easier to farm massive damage in.

    • +Kebobs Please, inform me as to how I may address you so that I can validate your need to feel like an adult. And I consider torpedoes a primary armament, what else would they be? You have automatic secondaries, called exactly that, secondary. And no, I very rarely used auto drops when I played. As for the auto drop indicator itself, it did help when trying to tell if the ship was just pulling a maneuver or slowing down, it wasn’t an exact indicator, and that was fine. Something like that might be helpful, it doesn’t tell you exactly where to make the drop, just gives extra info about the ships course.

    • +The Rogue Admiral starting with “what the hell are you going on about” and ending with “did you even play old CVs” is you acting childish. I want to to address me in an adult manner, not treat me as an adult. As for torpedoes they’re supplementary on most ships. torp lead indicator makes sense on destroyers and surface ships because of the long ranges. with CVs you’re dropping very close comparatively, you don’t need a lead indicator. It would just be removing one of the few skill based things that remain on CVs. Again, you can judge ship movement from smokestack just fine and seeing them up close now which you really couldnt in RTS. If you want to have a conversation that is fine, just calm down a bit. I’m not attacking you, simply disagreeing and trying to explain rationale.

  12. The rework is terrible in every way, even when it was “successful”, when players somehow managed to manipulate the god awful controls effectively, they were incredibly overpowered, the thing everyone was whining about before.

    • You are not telling the truth. The rework has not only saved the CVs it saved the game.

    • +play030 how, exactly? Did you not watch the video? Tech deals offered some statistics that the excitement from all of this is dying out very, very quickly.

  13. I’ll say it WG sucks they can not balance something that is supposed to be imbalanced. WG needs us,more then we players needs them.

  14. Imagine how much better it would be to not rely on RNG when a surface ship fights off planes. Like iChase laid out, there should be player controlled A.A. that we switch to like torps or main battery and let us determine our fate by aiming and shooting planes down with flak. That would give players a choice to focus ships or planes and make the game much less RNG dependent. Like if u agree WG should implement crosshairs and reticle for surface ships to use flak and their skill to counter CV players.

  15. I do not like the rework at all. Also as a historian it really bugs me with the idea of rocket attack planes. Rockets were used to attack ground targets because they are very inaccurate and not suitable to attack a moving warship. I could see adding rockets for attacking forts and ground installations, but historically carriers used bombs for all that. Bombs and torpedoes were the attacking munitions for naval air warfare. Now the Russians never have built an actual aircraft carrier worth a damn so perhaps this has clouded the design team’s historical knowledge a bit. I didn’t feel the carrier was broken. People complained that a really good carrier commander could create a huge advantage for his team. True. But carriers took time to learn and perfect. And carriers were the dominant ship for the era the game primarily covers. A good carrier SHOULD be very effective. It’s their job. Limit carriers to one per team. Problem solved. This entire rework is a sick joke.

  16. i agree with you tech deal i enjoy the new cv rework and i agree with the changes you suggested will indeed make cv rework enjoyable class of ship to play. we should get cv direct control with arrow keys as default.

  17. Yeah I agree, pressing ‘W’ for a lot of game time is pretty dull after a while, and the yes, the dive bombers targeting needs to be improved.
    I played the new CV’s for a few times, then went back to surface ships, mostly because the wait time for CV’s was massive, and you could get a game in any other ship type immediately. Perhaps I will try the CV’s again once it all settles down a bit more.
    However that said, as a ‘potato’ player who just plays low and mid tiers (because I am not that good, and don’t really want to learn which ships over power another or anything like that. I just want to drive around, and shoot other boats for a while), I did like your idea of ‘Land Bases’. I reckon I could even operate a land base alright. They could have some manual defence guns to shoot attacking ships, and also operate some air planes, in the same operating fashion as before the recent CV change (the code is already written). It would give a further dimension to the game anyway. cheers

  18. Drive a ship? How long did you play this game? Also aiming indicator for torps? Did the old CV play had that?

  19. I am having a great time. Nothing about this is game breaking you have to learn.

    Yes at first the controls were crazy but it doesn’t take that long to figure out how to master them.

  20. I am back to being a CV main because of the rework. If you don’t like it they have 3 other classes soon to be 4 with submarines coming.

    I am telling you when you understand how to play CVs and how they can impact the game you will enjoy them.

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