Top 5 Reasons to Play World of Warships #Funtage #WorldOfWarships

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Wondering why you should play World of ? Here’s a couple of reasons why 😀

Also an entry into the #Funtage #WorldofWarships 😀
user: iChase
server: NA


  1. ?? your videos always put a smile on my face

  2. Notice the influence of Japanese culture on wows 😀

  3. I have a feeling Chase did this just to give out codes

  4. Cough, Yuro, Cough, Knockoff, Cough 😛

  5. forget that azur lane wifus are coming

  6. Takao is best waifu. But Kongou-chan is BAE.

  7. Poi~? Poi poi poi~ X3

  8. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    “Torpedo the Yamato again!”

  9. “Takao is best waifu”

    >”I don’t know man, this guy looks like he’s got the right taste”

  10. I see Chase is a man of culture when it comes to waifus

  11. mAy the poi be with yiu

  12. Strange you didnt list the music used in this video, that artist likes to be credited.

  13. Not enough torpedoes, skill still unproven.

  14. 1:25 “war Thunder naval forces LEL” so damn true… has been almost 2 years…..AND IT STILL NOT IN BETA

  15. ToughAncientSpark

    And of course, we know they’re already gone, so why bother.

  16. Dammit, came too late for codes xD

  17. Takao best ship waifu. Best waifu of all time remains [REDACTED].

  18. 1:10 damn man that’s some Touhou-level shit right there!

  19. Takao is great but my gf always complains when I play her, it’s a unique experience hearing your Japanese gf criticise your heavy cruiser for talking too much

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