Top 5 Under Powered/worst Premium ships! World of Warships

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Most of these are worth passing on and saving your money. Which premium ships do you think are the worst?


  1. Yeah, the Duca is pretty meh… HC are really frustrating, range is poor, Citadel is huge and even HC, trajectory aside has poor penetration, poor damage and just 8 guns to play with. Occasionally you can place a Torp at long range, but aiming those sluggish torp salvoes is almost impossible.
    Curious how Flamu and Ichase dared to indicate that ship as “powercreep” by WG with things like Belfast available. >__>

  2. Thomas Braunreuther

    I’m more a casual WoWs player so I’m always working on getting to higher tiers. I picked up the Prinz Eugen to be able to play into higher tier games. When you don’t play religiously, I think the price of the PE was worth it to get the access into playing Tier 8 games and yeah it is a Hipper, but I’m still miles away from earning enough xp for the Hipper. And she’s still formidable when you play as smart as you can with it. For you if you’ve earned a Hipper, yeah it’s redundant. But until I get to that level, the PE is my access to more variety of players at different tiers, in a good ship.

  3. i would’ve put the atlanta number one a) 11.2 km max fire range is pathetic for a tier 7 cruiser b) its 10.7/8 surface detect range would be great for a tier 7 cruiser if reason a wasn’t a massive drawback c) because of a and b you have to get so close to other ships that you are easily citadeled by most BB’s that can over match your armor d)even a very high fire rate and torpedos don’t “cover” a,b and c which makes the atlanta a …..well giant DD masquerading as a CA

  4. Good video! I know we talked about this in the stream but I still think a separate top 5 “waste of money” and top 5 “least effective” would have been good.

  5. Nice video, thanks. Though while I find your points reasonable, I disagree with Indianapolis. I believe Indianapolis is a VERY strong ship and much more efficient than Atlanta. I have most of the premiums you mentioned here, only missing Prinz Eugen and Dunkerque. I haven’t touched Duca d’Aosta for half a year. I find Marblehead pretty fun actually, funnier than even Murmansk.

  6. I see Duca being where it is, it isn’t very good, but the long range torps can be really entertaining and with how FAST and nimble it is, it makes it super fun for brawling with other cruisers, combine good AP, good torp angles, great maneuvering, Duca can be very fun but it SUFFERS uptiered and is not strong in most scenarios. Was it worth buying? YES! Is it competitive? LOL no.

  7. I actually got about half of the aforementioned ships from Santa crates…too funny. They are exactly what you say thet are.

  8. I just love Dunkerque ?

  9. Wait Ishizuchi with AP? What?! It was the first battleship with HE-only before the RN BBs came out. AP is crap, only when a cruiser is 10 km away showing broadside. Other than that HE. With AP I was doing 40-50 k dmg only, HE 80-100 k sometimes even more than 100 k , arsonist medals and once I got witherer 😀 HE hit harder than AP and start a lot of fires. I would put the Hood here, dispersion is bad on it, AP not that like on Warspite and HE is miserable, Armour is lacking especially when you run from your enemy you can be citadelled from the back in the Hood. Shame. On Ishizuchi with HE I have lots of fun, on Hood? No. I regret buying it, it was so expensive….

  10. What about the new Huang He? I know it’s not out yet but you really need to update your list very soon if nothing’s changed about that ship. A ship from the preceding class of Leander and WG smacks poor little girl into t6? Worst armor, worst guns (only half of the firepower of Cleveland literally), worse AA than Cleveland even WG keeps on boasting it, and the torps can’t save the ship anyway. The only thing needs ti change is to smack her at t5. Sure you have really OP AA in t5, and you have def fire…so what? Yubari has that in t4! And you’ll see t7s in 7/10 games, that is what saves it. Man this thing has even less firepower than most t5 cruisers.

  11. You are on drugs, or you just really suck. Had Krakens in the Duca yesterday and Kraken in Marblehead last week. Poor players love the Belfast.

  12. Jesus del Castillo Rodriguez

    2:26 Did you know the Prinz Eugen is an Admiral Hipper class? Maybe that’s why it’s a little bit of a copy

  13. the indy is not too bad i have had some good games with her and i agree with you.

  14. Lol u forgot the Yubari – 100% worst ship in this Game. Duca may be bad, but is still fun. DQ is not bad at all, last season I played mostly DQ and had great success over a lot of battles. She just hates getting uptierd, in T8 ur lost with the DQ, while Mutsu can still work.

  15. This is my take on Mejash’s list. I agree that the Ishizuchi isn’t the strongest ship out there, but at the same time, I don’t think that it’s fair to criticize it for being squishy. Is she? Yes, BUT the Ishy is a BATTLECRUISER, not a true battleship! And by default, it would be softer than a true battleship (unless it was a German BC). And I know that he said you “can” have good games in these ships, but my experience with the Ishy is that it’s not hard at all to have good games in her, because she’s FAST for a tier 4 “battleship”. And as long as you can avoid getting spanked by an enemy BC, the Ishy can wreak havoc on an enemy team.

    The Prinz Eugen, I agree with all of Mejash’s points, but as I recall there’s one point he’s missing. If I recall correctly, the PE’s defining special ability is that it has a higher credit earning potential than average for a tier 8 premium ship. And I’ll leave it at that.

    The Indianapolis’ inclusion on this list is probably quite deserved. I don’t own it, but have heard enough about it to believe that it’s a weak premium.

    The Marblehead’s inclusion on this list is probably also deserved. That said, back before the great BFT/AFT nerf, the Marblehead was a fairly strong ship, even compared to the Murmansk. I own both, and my experience was that the extra range the Murmansk got from AFT wasn’t that great a help because it extended the range just enough to increase the difficulty of landing shots while not really helping my ability to dodge incoming fire enough to justify the increased shot landing difficulty. OTOH, the AFT range increase (to me) mattered a lot more to the Marblehead back then because it allowed the cruiser to fire just far enough further away to make it a good deal easier to dodge incoming fire, while not having any serious negative affect on my ability to land shots. But alas, the AFT nerf came and the Marblehead was hurt badly by losing that range and becoming more vulnerable to enemy fire.

    Regarding the Duca, I don’t own it and don’t know much about it.

    Personally, I think that the Krazy Krym should have been on this list, because from what I’ve seen and heard (I don’t own it), I don’t know how the devs could justify the KK as a tier 5 ship. As a tier 4 ship, the KK would probably have been a lot more decent premium, due to the competition it would face. IMO, if the devs ever wanted to give the KK a buff, the best thing they could do would be to drop it down to tier 4.

  16. I agree that the Dunkerque isn’t the best tier 6 battleship, but it can be quite fun and its speed makes it considerably faster than its same tier counterparts. From my experience what the Dunkerque could use would be an accuracy buff (whether it was to dispersion or to its sigma), because right now, the Dunkerque seems very inaccurate, particularly considering that her guns are, IIRC, the smallest on any tier 6 BB.

  17. Agree on Duca. As an italian player I bought it. -but.. I don’t really think is worth the money. I have Molotov also and I find the latter much more fun to play. Of all premium I have is the only one I wish I’d never bought.

  18. What? No Krasnyi Krym??

  19. Dunkerque actually has the highest win rate of all the tier 6 BBs after the Arizona. Duca is OK at tier 6 but it is tough to play at tier 8. The only thing good about its speed and its ability to dodge shells.

  20. Really you skip De Grasse, namely the “can-be-citadeled-at-any-angle” ship? at least put her in honorable mentions. She’s beautiful and fast though.

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