TOP 9 BEST Battleship tier for tier ( DMG ) World of Warships

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  1. Give me a thumbs up if you like the video. What you think about that List ? the dmg stats are from – what TOP list you want to see next.

  2. what i think is this is just a video crying about british BBs again trying to get them nerfed. sad to see you resort to the kind of shit notser tries to pull panzer. i thought better of you. and FYI the monarch doesnt have “godlike” HE its a very mediocre ship. they just have better stats mainly because they are the newest bb line and people have got better at the game since the other bb lines were out. so stop crying please.

    • i am not crying here at all 😉 i like my royal Navy BB i still think they are too easy to play and a bit too good with their concealment / repair / HE Power.
      This Video is based on the stats not my personal opinion – best regards

    • Royal Navy BBaby spotted

    • Correction, Monarch doesn’t have godlike fire chance. Still has massive HE alpha and is massive pain in the arse to fight since it dissapears from view every 20 sec unless you have a DD shadowing it and keeping it spotted.

    • the NC can do the exact same thing with its concealment and the amagi has 200 more HE damage per shell than the monarch. just because its a british bb doesnt mean you have to shout OMG OP HE PLEZ NERF WAHHH!!! all the time. and no i am not a RN bbaby i play all classes including CVs so i have a very wide understanding of the game with a 60% WR and 70k avg dmg with 12k battles. so i do think its a learn to play issue with most of the problems ur having with the RN bbs. have a good day 🙂

  3. Yeah… sure…. royal bbs are balanced they say….. he spam bbs make me sick

  4. Cruiser list pls. And dont only fokus on damage. Think henry 4 can do the most damage but its like brit bb not teamfriendly ships

    • will do cruisers soon – but THIS List is about the pure DMG – i will do more about winrate and whai me personaly think ! best regards

    • Panzerknacker mir ist danach erst eingefallen dass man auch deutsch reden könnte. 😉 dank dir! Wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch!

  5. Too much British BB :p

  6. Probably need to redo this list when all the 7 major navies are represented.
    USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Russia.
    I don’t know if Wargaming will do an Austro-Hungarian line too since taking all paper ships into consideration you can take it to Tier 7 (Battleship project V – basically a slightly slower Nagato with 420 mm guns).
    The Austro Hungarian Navy is the only one that I can think off that is Mid Level capital ship navy.

    The minor navies are Holland (planned its own Scharnhorst clone),
    Spain (which could have a Roma clone),
    Brazil (which planned a Queen Elizabeth type fast battleship),
    Argentina, Chile, Turkey and Greece which had a variety of capital ships both built, acquired and designed.

  7. DDs next time.

  8. Yeah!! Royal navy best of the best.
    Best anti BB meta.

  9. Why is gneisneu not on the list

  10. DD Tier 9 = Fletcher, no one is better (similar Black)

  11. Great list, thanks. Could you do DD’s next. WG really needs to do something to fix the cruiser gameplay.

  12. tier 2, premium, 3 premium, 5 premium, 6 premium, 7 premium… and rest RN HE spam

  13. Cruiser next, goodness knows they need some kind of hype these days.

  14. Conqueror at 1? Not the Yamato?
    Monarch? THE FUCKING AMAGI?! Or North carolina and bismarck (all 3 deserve that mention)
    Also dont judge after damage.(im actually surprised that the british got on this list with damage in focus, especially the monarch)

  15. For T10 DD it’ll most likely be Khaba

  16. fire mechanics in this game is psychopatic….

  17. Do Crusier in the next video

  18. DDs please.

  19. Lol what the actual fuck!? Monarch? God I hated that shitbox. I’m amazed ?

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