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Which ships were the most popular in July? Alena knows!

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  1. General Saufenberg

    and they are all complaining about the unplayable shima ^^

    • Just watch Flamu’s videos, Trey Tooper.

    • Alex CT The arguments are all valid, minus the BBs about HE spam. Worcester is maybe the only big threat at T10, everything else has 0 options if the BB is even slightly angling. Radar has pushed most DD players out but isn’t as bad as it seems, more frustration than anything and BBs being able to do 15k to a DD is pretty dumb. It can be kind of avoided but still shouldn’t be a thing in the first place. CVs actually complain that everything has AA at high tiers and when you don’t play high tier, you risk bottom tier which becomes the same argument. CVs Dev strike anything without AA and can’t so anything to things with AA. Never heard CVs complain about not being able to Dev strike unless they’re garbage.

    • potatoes gonna potate.

    • expert talkin…

    • most shima players are bad…not all but most….They refuse to scout out of fear of radar. This leaves there team fucked. Which is why most people give shim players shit. The ship is fine the cowardice of the playerbase is not.

  2. beautiful ALENA

  3. 2:17 all results listed.

  4. What was the song track list they used?

  5. Where the frick is my baby Tirpitz

  6. Alena Sharks rule,????

  7. ALENA, our shark queen. OUR LEADER. VIVA ALENA !!!!!

  8. So basically there are 3 ship types in this game… Wonder who will get reworked.

  9. Worst game i ever installed

  10. yeap, top 3 there are 2 radar ships. Of course people like to play the OP radar

  11. Who the hell is playing Shima !!

  12. Yue Yang is best ship.

  13. alright guys ! where is my Amagi ?

  14. tfw all 3 tier 10s of the japanese hit the charts. yyeeeee

  15. Is it just me is Alena getting more and more beautiful every time I see her. If I didn’t already have a girl that I’m interested in I’d ask her out. I don’t care if she doesn’t speak English. Lol

  16. Oh and also I’m glad that the Montana is moving up. That my most. Favorite ship.

  17. i noticed for many months now , there isn’t a single royal navy (british) ship in that list battleships or cruisers , is the royal navy line this bad ??

    • I don’t know Morse Code, but I’m guessing that some of the weirdness is down to the need for the abbreviations to be distinctive when transmitted by radio or signal lamp.

      CA is from “Cruiser, Armoured” which was the standard type, and Light Cruisers were a subset of them. The term Heavy Cruisers was only codified as part of the Washington naval treaties.

      CV is “Cruiser, Aviation” because most aircraft carriers started life as converted cruisers and CA was already taken.

      BB is actually for a Dreadnought battleship. “Battleship” was originally “B,” and a second B was added to indicate the difference between the obsolete pre-dreadnoughts and modern battleships.

      DD is to distinguish the ship from DE – “Destroyer escort” which are basically cheaper, less combat-capable destroyers used for convoy escorts.

    • Why do u need royal navy when u have the German battleships (Bismarck)

    • Because we need something besides the guy who YOLOed into the enemy spawn, only killed a lower-tier battleship, then got roflstomped.

    • Rather play the Tirpitz, Yeah AA is poor but when you brawl and then drop them torps on a player…sweet. The ones who know what your going to do will run and keeping the pressure on them is fun.

    • Lord Sadism it’s the USN Hull classification system that evolved from the RN pennant symbol system, used on the side of the ship to help identify them. S candor covered it fairly well, originally there were only single digit classification symbol system in the USN much like the RN pennant system. B for battleship or “ship of the line” C for cruiser, etc. But then various different variants start popping up, so they assigned a second digit to define the variants. A was for Armoured, B for Big, L for light,V for aviation or *voler*, etc. Double letter was for the mainstay hull variant, such as BB for battleship, DD for destroyer. There was the exception for battle cruiser which was classified CC, but was never used operationally; instead the USN assigned CB to their Battle Cruisers, which on paper was “Large Cruiser” for some reason :v.
      If you want a further ride down this lane, the RN used and still uses single digit pennant system. But the letter used partially was to help ascertain which fleet they were in. D, F, G, and H all were destroyer pennant symbols. While I was any large capital ship, such as Battle ship, cruiser, carrier, but wait there’s more, near the start of WW2 the RN switched the use of D and I, so that I signified Destroyers and D signified capital ships. F was taken to be used on Large Auxiliary ships such as armed merchant ships. It got crazy. Cause there were a few pennant switches like that during the war, why I don’t know.

  18. Is it just me or does it sound like “Alena” is pronounced like “Aleona” ?

  19. top 10 filled with ships that people are grinding the legendary modules for/clan wars too

  20. Wheres the fire conquest machine

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