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Which ships were the most popular in the first month of Summer? Alena knows!

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  1. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    I cant see how Shimi made 3rd I can’t stand playing it with the endless amount of radar anymore…

    • Wargaming had announced somewhere, that the most common torps picked on shima are the 20km ones. That’s why.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ricardas which is really funny since they are spotted from the moon at 2.5km – giving anyone a whopping 15s to dodge. – which is why I find that people deserve it when they eat 20km torps.

    • GenerationVideoGamer

      I love shima! Learn and avoid radar ranges. That is how you negate them. Never go for a cap at the start of a match. Ninja torp!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Shima and Ninja Torps shouldn’t be in the same sentence 😂 – even if they are either the 7KM F3s or 12km Type 93s.
      Then again Shima has ninja stealth if that’s what you mean.

    • Only professional used Shima

  2. Wonder how far Russia will go this World Cup.

  3. My favourite ship is Alsace as it combines strong AA defense with good secondary armament

  4. Seth and Camille

    I am just surprised at how the Bismark is always up there. Sure I love playing it too but I never seem to see an overwhelming amount of Bismark’s in game.

  5. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you guys following the football news? Or game statistics?

  6. Where are CV?
    Oh wait what is CV again? Do they exist in this game?

    • They know the problem, they would not be developing new carrier gameplay otherwise, sadly it is not as easy as it sounds, guess, we will just have to wait, for that class to shine again.

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      playing CV is just too much responsability for most players I guess. Not everyone can handle the pressure

  7. Hmmm sweet Alena. I love her videos 🙂

  8. I helped the Bismarck to be there

  9. WHO THIS ?

  10. WHERE’S DASHA PAROVA?? NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No Dascha No watchy!

  12. 6 out of 10 ships are BBs, with DM being only there because of the Campaign and Cleveland being there because of the newly released tech tree. But nah WG, Battleships are perfectly balanced atm, there is no need for a punishable citadel and OMG please make the AA on Battleships even stronger and the BB AP on DDs even more broken.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      BB captains are already salty with the HE spammers & Conqueror. Another slight nerf could lead to a crap ton of screeching.

    • In the last month most of my games had 4-5 bbs a side but there were games with as few as 1-2 a side. So were use the average of 4 a side so 33% of the ships are bbs. Now that would imply it would be 3-4 ships on the top 10 list. But that statistic would be flawed as it is influenced by what ships are played the most. And dds and cruisers have so many ships in their trees they simply dilute their results by splitting the number of ships in their categories by significantly more choices. Take t7 cruisers for example how many cruisers are in that tier. You got myoko plus 6-7 more premium Japanese variants of it. You got at-least 5 from the Americans. Then every nation seems to after 2-3 more plus there are one offs from nations that don’t exists they in the tree. The result is you have more than 20 cruisers perhaps 30 cruisers in that one tier. So there is no way they can make it on the list the slots are split over to many ships. DDs are just as bad how many weird t6 t7 and t8 premiums are there now plus several lines split. In carriers at the top 2 tiers you only have 2 choices but as far as carrier play goes if you want to see them you need to play tier 7 and 8 and then you got kaga sipan graf Zeppelin and Enterprise all diluting that 1-2 slot allotment.

  13. Des Moines: “It has to be the impact of the American arc.”
    I’d say Yuro was the cause of it.

  14. Andres Montenegro

    Alena is so beautiful! *.*

  15. Bismarck best Ship in game.

  16. Yellowstone The Pony

    Its funny how most comments are about Dasha instead of the game.
    Oh WOWS. What have you done. You made everyone Dasha crazy

  17. “Has to be the impact of American Arc”

    Maybe, but I think it’s cuz it’s got maximum team pley capabilities

  18. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

    >Shima still in Top 10 and in Rank 3


    inb4 why is a garbage T10 DD still the most popular ships those players are brainless weebs

    • Alistair Jephte Caseñas

      Two words: Kantai Collection.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      kek, Shima is one of only two DDs Im afraid of in Yamato (The other being Yueyang)

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The stock torps has very long range which can scare the enemy enough to not push (it’s the slowest option but still fast enough with 62 knots). And Shima has the most amount of torpedoes at T10 & highest potential torp damage at over 300k damage/salvo. The concealment is still undisputed (only the upcoming British DD line can outspot her).

    • It might be garbage but i still enjoy it.Can’t wait for new IJN DD line after Akizuki.

  19. It’s no surprise the Cleveland is in the top spot. Literally everybody’s Cleveland jumped to Tier 8 but reverted to stock configuration, needing its hull and gun upgrades unlocked again (note to wargaming: not a complaint), with more play time on top of that needed to unlock the Seattle.

    Expect Cleveland to drop in July’s charts and drop off the top 10 entirely by august.

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