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Which researchable Tier VIII dealt the biggest amount of damage in July?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    And which VIII tier Battleship is your favorite?:)

  2. Richelieu ? first ? how ????


  4. You are soooo beautiful ?

  5. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Monarch gets the 2nd place is totally surprising for me. But maybe because the unrivaled concealment allows her to get close enough to avoid the salvo disperses here & there too much.

    • Perhaps most of Monarchs damage done is fire damage? UK BBs are notorious for only firing HE

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      This list is dpm, not usefulness. If you just look at total damage, HE Monarch can do it. Whether it is very useful though…

      The real surprise is Richelieu, but that basically just means too many people have yet to learn how to angle properly, given Richelieu on paper has the least dpm of all T8 BBs. Richelieu’s sole redeeming factor is the all-front setup, making it easy to use all guns, and the high penetration, which means that as long as autobounce doesn’t kick in, you have the best chances to penetrate.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Monarch has low fire chance though (35% only which is equal to Dunkerque). Richelieu has higher fire chance at 36% which is more disgusting since her forward-only guns spit more shells than Monarch on same angle.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Yeah, but Richelieu has AP worth a damn, Monarch’s AP is crap. So, throwing HE that is underwhelming for RN, but decent for any other line’s standards at the enemy and farm empty fire damage is more likely to happen on average.

  6. Nick Sparrow Studios

    Hold it to myself for a long time, but thosr WoW girls are freaking hot

  7. That, boys and girls, is a perfect example of power creep, the newer ships overpower the older ships thus keeping the lemmings on their xp wheels like good little hamsters spending money for premium accounts and converting xp to have the new shiny toys. Oh look, a pretty girl… squirrel!~~~~~

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      however to be fair, the old Battleships are still playable, also the new ships have to be at least slightly better than the old ones. If they’d be worse, nobody would play them. Also, they can be earned by playing the game, so no paywall here at least.

    • So its a powercreep when people start grinding new ships? I mean? Like really?
      That is not powercreep…. Powercreep would be if the “new” ships get better overall stats at any points and there is no word about that in the vid.

    • Lol nailed it

    • I’ll stick to my North Carolina the ship is a tank and can dish out a lot with her 16 inch rifles.

    • You should be thankful that there are lemmings who are willing to spend money on premium accounts and converting xp, otherwise there would be no world of warships.

  8. Finally ! my mighty Amagi is on the chart ! next stop: month’s chart !

  9. So Bismarck go on 4th place because of secondary guns?
    does that mean its main gun can’t do anything?
    So when I’m going to play this ship, I’m not gonna use my cursor and only keyboard WASD

    • i got 148k game doing that

    • Its a brawler ship not really good at long range

    • Bismarck is awesome. Secondary is situational, only noticeably useful in 10% of the matches I would say.

    • Bismarck is notorious for being one of the few BBs (specially non-premium) in which a full secondary build is actually useful and enjoyable. In any case, no matter how you build yours, please do NOT sit at the back with a Bismarck (in general with BBs, but in particular with German BBs). Bismarck specially is a horrible long range ship.

  10. Why tier 8 always meet tier 10 ?

    • The +2-2 MM isn’t the problem. It’s the deliberate handicap of lower level ships only seeing a max tier of +1, and it screws with MM incredibly badly. It also doesn’t help that WG is pushing tier 10 really hard, forcing anyone in a tier 8 into a tier 10 match.

    • Actually +-2 is a huge problem. With +-1 we can actually have some balanced matches. DDs would benefit hugely from it. Now that most players who play have the shiny T10 and all of the content is T10, most players play T10. That scews MM the most. If WoWp with lesser player base can have +-1 I don’t see a reason for WoWS to not have it.

    • Strongly disagree. You can do reasonably well if you’re bottom tier. I’ve done incredibly well in a ship such as the Alabama, Mogami, etc, even when bottom tier. The one ship class I’d even remotely agree with you on is CVs. In a game like WoT, the +2-2 is a lot more harsh. This game is generally more forgiving.

    • Well any good player can do good even if under tiered. But If you would play against yourself or better players, you are most likely going to loose that fight if you get 2 tiers uptiered. There are many matchups that are near impossible to beat. Look at the Pan-asian T8 dd, It has a huge problem when up tiered. It can’t out torp radars and loses a gunfight to all of the upper tier DDs. Reasonably isn’t going to cut it, if you pretty much auto lose to certain match ups. You always have to look it in a way taht you would battle against yourself or better players. Not some glue eater from randoms.

    • I can hold mine vs any t10 with t8 except vs CV..with Richelieu or my Mass I have no issues going up aginst t10 .. and no not even yamamatos usualy people are all ooo yea bring a mass or rich vs yamamato or conqueror I honestly have 0 issue fighting them not saying I wont fucking melt your ass if you come at me to hard in one but I will win or die trying !! Not afraid to start some fires to win the fight don’t care when dumb ass BB users say hey bb using HE wtf only when no broadside or im uptierd and targeted due to im low tier!

  11. anyone who has played monarch will heavily disagree with you… “great he shells” NO

    • If I am not wrong you said on another post you had free xp’ed the Monarch… so… how do you know and “disagree”?

      I did play my Monarch, didn’t enjoy it, but I played her. Best HE, as per default on RN BBs (sadly), and best concealment. IMHO worst hull by far, specially stock, and quite slow, kinda underwhelming AP, but definitely playable. Invisibility cheats let you prepare for an opening salvo selecting proper ammo for proper target, range and angle…

    • i free xp’d her because she was so terrible. i didnt even want to burn all my free xp but i could not stand that ship. other than detection, the ship is bottom tier out of t8 bb’s in every category

    • Илья Смоляков

      I played the monarch and I liked him. I am from Russia 🙂

    • Monarch is by far the worst T8 BB.

    • I like bismark no other ship tanks better, richelieu is nice because of fast ap shells and carolina is opposite, as for monarch, shes an inaccurate abomination created from nothing

  12. ok I like my T8 ships but Tier 8 gameplay is broken, you’re forever thrown into matches where you’re one of two tier 8 ships in a sea of X

  13. I use the North Carolina to spank those other ships, especially Richelieu.

  14. How does the ship with litterally the least damage potential come out on top? That makes zero sense

    • +Caeric Which I think is stupid (Rich’s accuracy) considering her firing range. Sniping someone from across the map with a shotgun isn’t a good idea…

    • Exactly, all the shell performance advantages over 16″ guns at over 15km range are nullified by piss poor accuracy

    • +Commander 19 well u do have a choice for picking 23km or 25km target system

    • Aside from its AP stats, the 2 forward turrets that has quad barrels is a good layout. Your always angled and always bow in. You will only show little to no broadside at all with that ship

    • Still doesn’t explain why a ship with a lower amount of guns, less damage potential per shell, terrible reload for a 15″/380mm gun, and incredibly bad accuracy is topping the damage charts

  15. NC is my fav. that AP<3

  16. “top tier 8 Battleship”… Still bottom tier with current MM :'(

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      yeah, I came to realize that a lot since I reached the Amagi. Before that, I had only played the Kagero on Tier 8. With this ship, it’s not much differeence for me if I’m top tier or low tier, but in a BB it’s really a gamebreaker when you have two Yamatos and a Friedrich der Große against you.

  17. Nice illustration of the powercreep SeemsGood 😀

  18. Propaganda…I’ll bet on Bismarck, with right commander skills and proper play stile it’s a beast…can withstand ridiculous amount of damage, can outflank and outmaneuver all listed BBs and those secondaries…superior to any…and mighty Carolina 5th place??? Superior AA and ULTRA superior batteries…AP salvo from this old lady is mostly overkill…I believe this list is upside down…lol

    • If you knew how stats oike these work you would know. They are most likely based on OVERALL WIn rates. And like usual the newer the line is the higher it is, since most of the glue eater players still haven’t unlocked or they are still playing Bismarcks. This has always been the case and most likely will be in the future. That is why older lines or the most played usually have worse WR that others. Hindy was and is considered one of the better T10 Cruisers, but it has the worst WR of them by far.

    • Agreed! Good point there, but official channel commented: “And which VIII tier Battleship is your favorite?:)”…so there it is. As an older player, I do prefer older BBs like Amagi & NC…and then Tirpitz appeared followed by German line. I find that Bismarck is overall better as an brake trough assault BB then previously mentioned. UK and French BBs cant mach that criteria, they are more like second line heavy support…and those bow oriented turrets configuration is not playable for me. Someone may disagree.

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      AA means little when the CVs are next to extinct

    • I agree. Bismarck is by far my favorite T8. It’s like a light version of GK for me.

  19. 1:30 “because forward turrets are sufficient enough for a true hero”
    yeah, especially when you hoist the white flag, hit dat reverse gear 120% full speed and still are able to use 100% of the firepower 😛

    • While funny, French BBs never reverse fast enough, yet they accelerate like they want to go ramming speed in an instant. At least Alsace and Republique can be brawlers if they wanted to, Richelieu doesn’t have that luxury.

  20. “We know T8 MM is broken, but we don’t really give a fuck. We’re too busy making overpowered Rooshin stronk sheeps to really care. Also kinda busy making more $150 premiums. But here, look at picture of pretty girl!”

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