Torpedo Beat to Lucrative Commander XP rewards – World of Warships

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Discussing the huge Commander XP opportunity that is available with the Torpedo Beats Space mode. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. haha don’t forget the credits, if your short on money or commander xp, boooom you found your solution

  2. Wolf of the Aurora

    Best way to play this gamemode is to blast Eurobeats and go crazy!

  3. I mean you are using a lot of modifiers. Imo its only worth it if you don’t already have 1-2 elite cmndrs

    • Wouldnt use so many flags as well. I have 1 lvl 19 captain so i dont have to waste my flags

    • Remember that your regular XP for the ship (including modifiers) ALSO get’s added to your commander XP pool. Granted, it’s only 10,000 for a good game, but it’s more than with my 19pt captain in random or scenario. What would you save the signals for? ETA: unless you want ship XP for a grind. I realize that.

  4. i never get above 2k exp!, how many flags have you put on the ship for 39k

  5. Wraithsong Gaming

    thanks for the info man, good hunting

  6. Damn, Celestial has pretty stealthy torps! Comparison:
    Comet Trace: 130 kts Torp Speed, 2km torp detection rangeCelestial: 160kts Torp Speed, *1km* torp detection range

  7. Looks like fun! Can you share how you allocated your capt skills?

  8. I wouldnt recommand it. You flags are gone in no time. Better use exp flags and flags like hydra on ships you are grinding to tier 10.
    Commander exp is important but using hydra is not worth it.

    • I agree regarding special flags, but you can use the smaller boosts like Papa Papa or Zulu Hotel, I for one have a huge stockpile of those as I get 10 more of each every day just casually playing random battles, plus the ones from the daily crates.

    • 19pt commanders expotentialise over time especially with premiums. It took me a long time to get a 19pt Capt…now I just keep gaining them and i’m playing casually. The more i get the more elite XP i get the quicker i can boost other captains to 19pts. It gives in battle benefits and in menu benefits. The Captain is the biggest source of benefit why wouldn’t you get them upto 19pts asap? I mean what are you keeping your flags for?

    • +mwnciboo For example my Yamato with premium camo so i get free exp and free captain exp because my Yamamoto is already lvl 19. I use it also for ships like Colorado or Friedrich to make the grind as short as possible.
      I would only recommand it if you dont habe a 19 captain at all or a ship like Akizuki/Kitakaze/Haurugumo because a captain with less than 14 points hurts on this ships.

    • Hydra flags are more useful in other circumstances, as they offer multiple substantial bonuses, not only commander XP. You can spend a Dragon flag if you want to get the most out of this, but I keep mine for marathon missions that require gathering large amounts of commander XP.
      For when this event will be over, the easiest way to gather large amounts of free commander XP is to place one of your 19 points commanders on a tier V premium and mount the standard economical flags on it. I mined half a million in a couple of days using my Shima commander on the Kamikaze R, mid tier games are the most “lucrative” in this regard.

  9. You forgot to mention that you have to play this braindead game mode over and over and over again

  10. This game-mode can be incredibly fun. But get 8 losses in a row from teams who don’t know what they’re doing and it quickly becomes frustrating as hell.

  11. Also worth noting they were smart enough to turn friendly fire off for this game mode which is nice.

  12. I’ve got 4 or 5 commanders with 14 captain skill points and probably a dozen commanders with 10 points. I’m jumping on this tonight. Thanks Notser.

  13. Hey this is Notser and ToDAy.

  14. Not everyone, I got 30k battles and got plenty of 19 points commanders(120+), Not Everyone got 9k games played tsss. But ty for the video, I knew the game mode was good already. I use my flags for grinding new ships only.

  15. *This* . My goal is to grind to a total of One Meeeellion Elite Commander XP, just to tease my clan mates ?

  16. Welp, my games have gone nothing like notsers

  17. I’m an average player. I find the rewards for completing missions and tasks are too small and usually not worth the time and effort needed.

  18. Good that you spread the message after I told you on stream that it’s a nice way of farming com xp 🙂

  19. Been using thos to male more 10 point commanders for new ships

  20. Thank you for making this video! Or else I would’ve missed this opportunity!

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