TORPEDO DODGERS (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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  1. I subscribed

  2. 3rd to comment

  3. 5th comment

  4. 5 comment i love this video

  5. Carter Van immerzeel

    Um are you going to aim. You are hip firing. ?


  7. Top_Kuk_69 sket_master

    Great video as always!

  8. xxDeltaSquad Gaming

    The happy brain in the ad for Nectar mattress has a butt

  9. Keep it up with the great work love the videos

  10. Press shift to Aim Bruh

  11. That “Tank” boat was the Yamato, if you dont know this ships badass story then you really should go read up on it.

  12. I hoping that you get 1m subscribers one

  13. Carter Van immerzeel

    7 days gone?

  14. Royale you can look through the scope using scroll wheel…

  15. Asosyalin Günlüğü

    We are all waiting for Rend 🙁

  16. Do more videos of this game

  17. War thunders better

  18. uhhhhm this isn’t REND come on royal been with you season s4 of ark
    i needs my survival and what happened to spore recording software bugging out on you?

    • On the no man’s sky live stream he said that there are so many games 2 play that spore is a backup game to upload if something happens to other series

  19. i didnt get no warship bonus from your link

  20. I hope you git 1 million soon!

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