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The third stage of Intergalactic games is coming! Join the Torpedobeat on high-speed destroyers!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. I assume you are going to implent some eurobeat tracks right

  2. Yuro: «now this looks like a job for me»

  3. Who here already has a playlist ready for this?!
    It’s Time for MAX POWER!
    Space boy!
    Dancing Queen!
    Night of fire!
    And so much more!

  4. Yuro where u at

  5. Ive always liked 11010111101001 and Hzrzngh (The Great)
    Need to give all the new Capitans voices.

  6. *Torpedobeat intensified 2x*

  7. World of Warships Official Channel

    New stage is coming!
    Are you ready to put your torpedo-evading skills to the test?:)

  8. You made that for Yuro, didn’t you?

  9. The Legend *Yuro* (Sekba) will show to us who is the king of _TorpedoBeat_

  10. Wargaming, That was the perfect time to use Yuro’s MLG text to speech voice as a voiceover.

  11. yuro if read this you better make video about this event

  12. Hey devs, Got a question, with the 12 second reload time of the rover im sure to fire 100+ torps all over the map and the cost of ammunition post-game totaled to 250,000+ credits which in turn deducted my credits during the public test. Will this be fixed when this comes out in the live server?

  13. ATSF would’ve been so proud

  14. We should thank Yuro for introducing Torpedobeat to us

  15. No can can or dejavu music?
    Its not torpedobeat ?

  16. “Especially the most arrogant of you”
    Are you people sayin’ something about Valeriya?! D:<

  17. A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

    Eurobeat songs… I can already here them…


  19. Yuro: WG can I have gamemode?
    WG: For shilling?
    Yuro: Yeeeees *boycotts game mode like a boss*

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