TORPEDOS IN THE WATER! – World of Warships

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  1. Love you and keep going
    Much love. From iraq?

  2. When you aim torps the white cone you see is where you want to be launching torps to hit your target. Obviously there’s times where you would ignore it but if they haven’t spotted you and are sailing in a straight line that white cone is going to nail them.

    • and if you have at least two salvos of torps then just shoot about at the white cone so if the ship tries to turn or change speed, it has less chance to evade some of the torps (=less maximum damage but more guaranteed damage).

  3. Odd that I’ve recently started playing again after a three year break!

  4. Mr. Karmakut Can you little bit more focus on Hell Let Loose ?

  5. karma there is a lead indicator on torps it’s a white outline

  6. More, more, more of these!!!

  7. Actually much respect to karma for not jumping right into tier7+ with this account haha, nice to see people with press accounts actually learn to play at lower tiers instead of jumping into high tier and throwing the game for the team ?

    As a DD you must know your detect ranges at all times, and spot n torp from outside detect range. And ye.. Use that torp lead indicator, The white One when locked on to a target

  8. @karmakut Watch the mighty jingles for great World of warship replays. It’s a great game, but random battles have pretty terrible teams.

  9. The secondary marker when you aim with torpedoes is the projected angle for impact

  10. 20Patrick Johnson

    Anyone else think Karmakut’s logo lookes like a First Order stormtrooper?

  11. The highlighted area when you have torps selected is the predicted path of the enemy ship. If you hit Z after you fire your main salvo or torps will give you a POV of the projectile. Also, if you press enter, it will automatically zoom you back into the previous periscope magnification. When a cruiser, you should always use HE when shooting at a BB or a DD. When you reaching higher tier ships, that will change slightly. As for when you are playing BB, always use AP. Only time you should switch to HE is when shooting at a DD. And for your entertainment, if you press N, that’s your ships horn.

  12. Great video, can you make some more of these please

  13. OwO what’s this?

  14. E
    You really dont know what you doing in this game

  15. karma, hold “Alt” to see how many seconds it will take for the rounds to impact at the range you’re currently aiming at

    • Not a troll question: how does it help you? You’d have to calculate targets speed to make use of this information. I usually aim where ‘my gut’ tells me

  16. for the people telling Karma how to play he doesnt give a shit lol He got paid to make a video on it hes never going to play it again unless they pay him.

  17. Nice pink icon in that 2nd game 😉

  18. Mario Alberto Pedernera

    What so unreal speed,..horrible.. and you emotions about playing this game are so unreal as well

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