Torpedus Strikes Back, Most Fun Mode – World of Warships Gameplay

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  1. why was it removed 10 min ago?

  2. I miss WoWS so bad! BTW, Baron, may you please to a WT gameplay of the M10
    and P-38G-1 Lightning? DO IT FOR MURRICA!

  3. Dayum i am early as fuck,4 mins! It’s a record!!!!!!

  4. Don’t bother with wide spread. Also, the Zikasas don’t change course very
    often so you can fire your torps at the marker most of the time.

  5. Halloween is a tough one, but the most fun I’ve had in a while. A clear
    objective, win scenario. I wouldn’t get too upset that you didn’t “win”.
    It’s hellishly difficult and I’ve won maybe twice in the games I’ve played.

    You’re not going to get fires from the Blade or the Jackal, 0% fire on
    both. The Igor is the only one with fire and it’s a true firebug. I think
    it’s like 33%.

  6. usually in this game mode I play as a battleship so I can survive

  7. only cruisers can in that gamemode start fires

  8. a steampunk war game would be pretty cool

  9. I mostly do War Thunder but I still do WoW and it is still very fun. I want
    to see more WoW videos.

  10. do they give these ships to players or we have to buy them with gold?

  11. Its halloween themed, but this is the kinda shit that PVE in WOWS should
    be. Mission based stuff would make PVE WOWS actually fun.

  12. anyone plz help:I tried to record both this Halloween event and war
    thunder’s Halloween event but when I went to edit I found that the every
    time the video went all fuzzy and it wasn’t watchable then it just cut out
    after a couple minuets. PS: Rasputin must die first and smoking you team
    when he shows up is also a must because he will kill your BBs first the CAs
    then your DDs

  13. Baron… you got to smoke the Transylvania all game AND not go over 12
    knots if you want to stay in your own smokeXD

  14. This mode is very easy, unfortunately most of the people playing have no
    idea of how to play.

  15. i guess destroyers should only be torping

  16. seeing baronvontorpedus again, instant like.


  18. Turn on ur damage counter and smoke lines, it hurts

  19. I’ve played DD on this map and gotten 36 torpedo hits and still failed the

  20. cool man…u play this game again :)

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