Trainwreckstv Plays World of Warships

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Download the game here: and use the code BATTLESTATIONS2020 to get a lot of freebies such as:
● 250 Doubloons
● 3 Days Premium account
● 1 premium ship – USS Charleston
● 1 Port Slot
Also available free on Xbox and PS4.


  1. This will get views definitely squadD good one editor LULW

  2. I still love you always tho ??

  3. show support so domeshit can do more IRL streams

  4. Stop stalling domeus cokus get to the warships 4Weird

  5. If only we could skip the intro on twitch too

  6. This isn’t women beating highlights

  7. i actually enjoyed the video. do more variety domer

  8. never going to play it again pepelaugh

  9. Finally I can watch dome somewhere other than my bedroom squadW

  10. this editor is actually pog, nice job

  11. editing PogChamp

  12. Merry Christmas:)

  13. PepeLaugh, you guys see those jump cuts in the beginning? The editor probably edited 1 hour of him explaining down to 1 minute. Keep this editor Train ?

  14. Don’t care. Where are the last two podcasts domer.

  15. squadR ME AND MY BOYS

  16. squadR guys there are 30 million active players.

    >goes to active players
    >only sees 4000-5000 players
    >wonders why
    >understands why
    >DEAD GAME PepeLaugh


  18. We need another rant the twitch community needs it’s rightful leader to lead the rebels into royalty from the weebs

  19. 1:09 to skip shamelessness OkayChamp ?

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