Transformers Hit the Seas Again | World of Warships

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Now you need to hurry for real!
Don’t miss the current sale—it might be the last one for them! You can also get collection containers and other rewards by completing combat missions.


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  1. I love how they use the actual G1 music

    • Hasbro went all out with the audio assets for this collab and GI Joe.

    • But then got the Optimus Prime voice actor at Ollie’s instead of using Cullen, Kaye, or any of the others. Hell, I bet even Frank Welker could do a better Prime voice than this KO nonsense.

  2. 0:39

    Prime’s windshield wipers are moving XD

  3. Mauricio Oliveira

    So, again we can’t get premium cybertronian container in combat missions? What a deception.

  4. Nice, took me back in time

  5. Esto me gustó… Vuelven los Transformes.. bien👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Los protegidos recualidos siempre tienen la ventaja.. me entendiiii

  7. Is this actually an event where people can grind things out for free or is it just another cash grab like the azur line cash grabs…….. I miss the old real events that were for the players

    • You can get sixty 35th anniversary transformers containers and 4 cybertronian containers just from completing the available combat missions. At the same time there are bundles in the store.

      So both grinding and splurging are available.

  8. Very enjoyable trailer i won’t lie

  9. I really love the classic designs from the comics!

  10. That’s….. supposed to be grimlok? mmmm I’m glad I looked at what the voice overs sound like before I just went ahead and purchased them lol

  11. I wish there are additional characters with this new TF collab. Nothing new from the last collab just this last October. Was hoping Arcee would’ve been added at least…

  12. William gustavo León Vera

    Épico,autobots vs decepticons👍🚢

  13. If it’s anything like console, having a commander in a ship changes the music to what you’ve heard in this trailer. It’s most fitting on Starscream, the german air carrier commander.

  14. next event:limited space battleship yammy camo for yammy only, also if u dont got yammy you can now BUY it for the price of your soul

  15. Damn the music slaps and really nice effort put out for advertising proves how hard they have to try to to sell something this niche
    mean while throws out weeb event *with half assed advertisieng*


  16. I joined WoWs early in 2016 to play historical ships not some game version of a cartoon one should be over back by the time you get out of 4th grade. Things like historical battles or Convoy are great but even events like Halloween and Space battles are really pushing it this crosses the line.

  17. It’s too expensive, the packs are massively overpriced. If you want a particular commander, expect to pay hundreds.

  18. William gustavo León Vera

    Felicidades a world of warships,increíble ahora como quedan las batallas,junto a los transformers👍👏🚢

  19. If the warships themselves aren’t also Transformers, I’ll be very disappointed 😅

  20. Do the F15’s still have propellor sound?

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