Triple Memechusetts Mid Rush! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I’m curious. How often would you say this actually works vs ends in disaster in solo matches? I’ve only tried it once in Iowa with mixed results.

    • solo I would say it is about a 40% success rate because you tend to get teams that dont push the outsides. So you take a bunch of enemies and die… however I have had some pretty awesome games even solo on Two Brothers going mid.

    • 60% of the time, it works every time

  2. ITZ YA BOI ALLI 007

    Great vid Spartan. Keep up the great work

  3. I managed get me Massy 11km secondary and 12km for my Bismarck I love secondary builds

  4. Would love to see a game with the Carrier being flanked by a Cruiser on either side, a BB in front, and 2 destroyers in support charge up the middle in one of the bigger maps with just 2 control circles. See how real-world convoy formation would work in game.

    A new game mode with a huge map, 1 carrier, 2 Cruisers, 1 BB and 2 DDs vs 15 enemy ships with the objective of escorting the carrier to a control point where they can launch a special plane in a control circle ftw. Enemy team just have to wipe out the convoy.

  5. That was really intense. I did something similar last night in my Iowa right down the middle. 230k damage high cal and confederate. One kill away from a kraken facing higher tier, and I soloed it the entire time no help team died I still clutched the win. I had played a game with Tigerterrist. Got put on shards right flank south side he charged forward in his lightning got kicked in the nuts right off the bat died left me and the other div mate to face a Iowa, Kansas, lightning, and a Benson alone. My other div mate died. Then that left me alone in a King George V to face all four of them. Got my ass killed but not before killing the Iowa, Benson, and lightning. Left the Kansas with no health and a dream. I wasn’t even fully upgraded at the time either. Pain in my ass was what that Battle was. Love to hear some feed back from you at some point please.

  6. You should try a triple Georgia division

  7. I’ve seen meat run through a grinder come out looking better than that red team did

  8. Cause a 16 inch hole in your ship is still a SIXTEEN INCH HOLE IN YOUR SHIP lmao

  9. I wish. They have to add the South Dakota eventually and hopefully the Indiana too

  10. Yamato and Iowa

  11. If I were that Z-23 I would’ve at least sat back outside of detection range and waited to launch torps until you guys cleared that little turn in the middle so you would’ve had less room to evade.

  12. schmeppy the retarted

    I finally did it! After nearly 2 years I saved up enough global exp and got atago. Now all that’s left is to get hipper and wait for ajax.

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