“Triple Strike” World of Warships

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  1. May the poi be with you young weeb shikikan ~

  2. what a fuckign news mexico player lol

  3. excellent game ……. hard to watch the rest of the fail team.

  4. Michael Søndergaard

    only a dubble strike reward. no triple strike reward? maybe WG never believed it could be done

  5. Great skills and intuition.

  6. Oohh baby a triple!

  7. almost a quad 🙂

  8. 6:15 three ships destroyed lol poi

  9. Вот вы мне теперь скажите

    Почему один парень всегда тащит команду к победе, а все остальные тупо сливаются и даже элементарно не стараются выжить, чтоб помочь?

  10. Good job mate! That Cuntio New Mexico player though. Boy feel like slapping him around the face with a brick. So frustrating…

  11. GG. Well played.

  12. jesus christ, talk about a team thats TRYING to lose

  13. Moments like these are only remotely possible when the opposing side decides to deathblob…against one of the best torpboats no less.

  14. After the triple kill, expecting a mediocre game throughout, and knacker is like: “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!”

  15. all those utterly unliky thinkers in BBs…holy moly

  16. A liquidator ? Damn this is the first one I see since flood rework

  17. Sehr schönes Spiel. Respekt

  18. Major Disappointment

    Excellent game well played nothing but torps lol. Thanks Panzerknacker

  19. Way to hold a side all by yourself!! WTG!

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