Trolling title: Best credit ship Shimakaze =) ? World of Warships

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  1. Last time I came this early I got dumped.

  2. Missouri: y’all never make as much of high quality cash as me made in the good old U S of A.

    Shimekaze: Hold my saki, Murica-san! *grabs katana* BANAZAI!

    *20 mins later*

    Shimakaze: Did I do good, Murica-san?

    Missouri: *tsk* Try hard.

  3. Me going to enemy spawn point is not good idea but some how worked,thanks for uploading the game Panzerknaker


  5. Can’t believe how misplayed that GK was in the end…Should have landed a lot more torps on him. Point blank. Poor angle choice to fire from.

  6. Евгений Губин

    Норм, но больно скучно!

  7. Clickbait. He got 1m950k credits.

  8. Another Perfect display of how to play those Types of Shippes ! Not much fireing, only give them Hell of Torps.

    Yet one thing said here…. Never play with tunnel Vision as he did in the middle of the Video when he unloaded a round onto a death Ship :).

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