TROMP – NEW – dutch Destroyer – Damage Record

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Viel Spaß beim probiern

Danke ! Thank You =)



    starting to understand the real strength of this ship

  2. That bombing spam on FDG at the end is disgusting 😅 212 bombs hit and 29 fires…jesus fucking christ…

  3. SSB Announcer:


  4. base xp and build?

  5. God mode activated!

  6. It is very powerful when it comes down to the unsuspecting and probably dont know how airstrike works on that dd just like in 1:06 and be mindful that the airstrike only pens 21mm so expect a lot of bounces, overall this ship is fun to play

    • This is true, he dropped over 200 bombs, but he probably only penned about 80. Reality is, unless you successfully drop a DD or Light Cruiser, the airstrikes are about fire starting.

  7. It really is a fantastic game.

    Everyone is so focused on the bombs on this ship at the moment, but this player is working the guns primarily.

    I reckon the player has taken propulsion mod not airstrike mod.

    Really impressive game, switching at the right times from gunboat play to concealment play.

  8. It’s just matter of time, they are milking it right now. once milking finished they nerf TROMP down.

  9. 13:55 bro read albemarle like a book

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