Trouble in Vladivostok! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. nice video! vladi never upsets. btw maybe you could get a video in the kii?

  2. vladi always does what i want it to

  3. The change of speed in talking from 8:00 – 9:25. Is hilarious. It just slowly gets faster and faster as the situation gets more intense lol

  4. To be fair. Your teammates should have pinged the torpedo threat. I do that all the time, even if it costs me my turn lol

  5. I don’t like Vladivostok because it has the citadel uncovered. But the ship Is good

  6. Aside from Americans, Russian battleships are probably my favorite, esp at tier 3 and 4. The tier 5 Russian bb is a bit of a road block, unfortunately.

  7. Hey Spartan, been a while since I’ve commented but have been a fan for years. I took a break from legends due to the toxicity but your vids kept tempting me and drew me back in! Always love em even when I stopped playing. Hope all is well irl and I hope that things are okay for you. I am standing with you there spartan! Much love

  8. Just got back from vacation yesterday and now I’ve got 3 days to try and get week 3-5 challenges done so I can get my moneys worth out of the admirality backing lmao

    wish me luck boys

  9. I opened the tier V crate you can get for credits on the moment and got out of the 20 or something ships in there for me the California my only missing us bb RNG was on my side

  10. Can’t wait for T8. Vladi can be an awful experience in legendary matchups, but should be alright with T8.

    Nothing like getting annihilated by a Yami from 20km from over a mountain.

  11. Corolla Life 2008

    Hey spartan, I don’t know if you would want to or not but I would love to see a max accuracy build on the gneisenau.

  12. I’m glad to hear it!

  13. Ima jump on this game, wstched damn near all your vids,chilling on the good stuff and this game is relaxing and makes you use logic

  14. Hi Spartan this is a random question I’m just curious did you ever play “Navy Field” back in the day? Cheers.

  15. Hey glad you enjoy! Hello from Ohio!

  16. hey spartan, at the end, the flandre was turning because he predicted of being rammed

  17. hey spartan i just started my youtube channel you have inspired me thankyou so much love the vids

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