True To Myself ( World Of Warships British BATTLESHIP GAMEPLAY)

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True To Myself ( World Of Warships British GAMEPLAY)


  1. Not only do I understand the decision you made I fully support it! Welcome
    back to World of Warships as it should be.

  2. you said something about 10km secondaries? Where is the link?

  3. hey ply, big fan of your vids. can you make a video about the mighty
    Shimakaze on World Of Warships?

  4. Ishizuchi! Pain in the tuckus with poor side armor. Never really figured
    out a decent play style with it either.

  5. phly we don’t care, as long as your kicking ass in our games we’re all

  6. Fiiiiiinally……British battleship…like ive been question WHY there
    havnt been ONE british warship game when U.K had the biggest warfleet up to
    some point before the U.S started to renovate its fleet to join WW2

  7. Hey, Phly, the reason I keep watching you is because of this series.
    Talking about big ship is fun. Even teaching is fun. I don’t care. But I
    prefer WoW.
    But if you don’t like it, don’t push yourself

  8. can you do french navy in steel ocean? pls monsieur

  9. sail the Derski do it phly DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTT

  10. Just got my Aoba yesterday, and it is my favorite cruiser in a long time,
    ever since the St Louis (which I still own and run, just for lols).

  11. I can’t get over how beautiful that intro is!

  12. Minekaze = Sanic torpedus

  13. Intro song please someone?

  14. hey phly,do you play any racing sims,id love you to try the shit fest that
    is iracing.
    dont pay for an account cuz at the mo the latest build is so bugged its not
    funny but maybe get a free 3month trial.
    actauuly scrap that,you nee a pedal set and wheel to use it

  15. Try Steel Ocean sometimes, to get some people to try it out. I like it a
    lot more than WoWs.

  16. I really love your warship videos so I would suggest using USS Midway

  17. Hope you do more Steel Ocean.

  18. Phly bro, listen. I’m sure when I say this 90% of your 218,279 fans (at
    that time at least) will agree we love watching your antics and your
    spastic personality. You do you and we will love ever minute of it. Also,
    have fun or gulag ;)

  19. Yes more Warships! Personally, I think you running low to mid tiers and
    just being silly is funny as hell

  20. you coulda spotted that minekaze with your spotting planes i think? nice
    gameplay though phly ^^

  21. Do some sort of carrier

  22. Can you do steel ocean

  23. More world of warships ^^ i love the intro

  24. Great to see Warspite in action!
    Check Flamu. Also ship launched torps got a detection buff – you spot them

  25. Yes more World of Warships!

  26. challenge series on world of warships:P

  27. Gregory Clarke (TrueAssassinsCreed)

    More more MORE

  28. The MySpace link phly… TOO GOOD

  29. I like that intro?

  30. no link to this “flame you” vid? can u link him now?

  31. Phly: stops doing the sail them all series…..
    -subs drop 10K immediately

  32. that raiser gun…..

  33. more WOWS!! plz!! instead of sail em all, just do some of your favorites.
    But I vote Myoko

  34. Hello again just checked its 7.2 clicks firing range on my Warspites
    secondaries with advanced firing traing and secondary gun battery mod 2
    hope this helps ,

  35. Hiya Phily just watched your vid , that Miniaza you could have killed him
    with secondaries if you had level 4 firing skill and equipment that
    increases secondaries and AA range , my Warspite fires out to 6.2 clicks .
    Have fun and keep up the good work .

  36. More world of war ships

  37. Love the warspite, is nice how can keep a good angle, and still fire all
    your guns.

  38. RJBud1 a.k.a. Minecrafter725

    4:15 that citadel though

  39. I hope the germans get the carrier graf zeppelin maybe as a premium ship

  40. love the world of warships videos it’s how I found your channel and I have
    binge watched every episode

  41. Id like to see more wows content, esp BB’s. Wows stuff is why Im
    subscribed. 🙂

    I liked the Sail em all series, but with all the updates and patches etc
    such a series becomes easily obsolete as ships are buffed or nerfed or the
    game mechanics get tweeked. Some of these updates require you to alter your
    game play and strategies etc.

  42. MORE WoWS!!!
    I would really like for you to finish the sail them all , not because ure
    tuturing us, but because i do like to have your opinion on the ships.

  43. Use the USS Hornet, or the USS Nimitz


    More world of warships pls :D

  45. 4:10, sailing broadside to a battleship. Thats a paddeling

  46. That is the BEST INTRO EVER

  47. I love your video intros. love to see more not the sail. em all

  48. Hey phly I got a new combined arms request how about the Me 410 b-2/U4 and
    the Pz.IV G

  49. I like turtles

  50. I understand you should not do something you don’t like just for views

  51. If you dont like “Sail them all” dont do it! But I really enjoy watching
    you playing WoW. Its like a chillout for me. Also I like eat sandwich
    during watching your videos from WoW haha <3

  52. need to get you some mods like the shell type color and damage counter, and
    overhead distance indicator

  53. Play Montana and don’t retreat in the face of overwhelming enemy force
    don’t ever back down when see Yamato do the opposite and stand up to the
    mighty king yamato and slap it in the face!!!!!!!!!

  54. I have to agree with you Phliy which is the difference between you and
    Baron compared to Jingles and Quickybaby which I enjoy watching them for
    information and how to play but you and Baron for just fuck it game play.
    Keep doing your job man I look forward to watching you videos after school

  55. More World of Warships please!!!?

  56. Hey phly the wellington MK Ic has a 4k bomb?!?!? Try it out in rb pls!

  57. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    Phly’s motto for the games Ive seen him play:
    World of Warships: 7000 damage, I’ll take that any day.
    And thats about it because thats all I watch him play.

  58. furutaka plz you have never done it

  59. I watch you, Baron(who you play with of course), FlameU, Ichase and Notser.
    If you have not watched all of them I recommend checking them out… well
    other than yourself since watching yourself would be kinda weird. :)

  60. Phly please play the hipper, need to know how to play that ship. I zip
    myself up in a bodybag at the beginning of each map.

  61. sail out with the Japanese tier 8 premium atago!

  62. I started watching your channel because of WoWS, so obviously I would like
    to see more video’s.

  63. You should do a challenge series with different ships. My vote is to try
    and kill a man by ramming them with a carrier

  64. Gnevy

  65. Hey Phly, I’m hearing you about doing what you enjoy win, loose or draw &
    am completely down with that as I’m the same way. I wish I could afford to
    play World of Warships but I’m on a Pension & have to watch every dollar I
    spend (plus I’m trying to build a car so that takes up any spare funds I do
    Love watching you guys play (yourself, Baron & Slick) mainly for the way
    that you play it’s not a “win at all costs” thing ( we call that “playing
    for sheep stations” down under, I do have 1 request I’d love to watch you
    play a game with the Gearing if possible?
    Love your work & don’t loss the fire Bud…….

  66. Plz do the Iowa

  67. hey guys how do you get flags?

  68. Hey Phly. Totally understand if you don’t enjoy doing it we don’t expect
    you too, BUT could you still do the sail them all but do a different one
    each video until you done them all. AND just play them. You don’t have to
    do all the teaching stuff. We can see by your game play and when your
    saying what’s going on how to pick up your tips. Carry on keeping it real

  69. Can you take out battleship Iowa

  70. Clemson

  71. Ca you battle ship Iowa

  72. Montana

  73. What challenge are ya gonna do

  74. Can you copy wows from one computer and put it on a flash drive and run it
    on another computer?

  75. please more wows

  76. Yamato shimakaze khaberrovsk udaloi hackuryuu

  77. Hi can You play next the iowa

  78. You should take out the Torpitz next

  79. Sail out the tirpitz please

  80. Play Derzki 😛 because torps everywhere :D

  81. Also, that’s the reason the Minekaze is loved… sadly, its OP af… in
    need of a nerf with it’s lazer like Torps.

  82. When are the German battleships bieng released?

  83. Can you do tortoise and spitfire

  84. PhlyDaily-Citadel king, BaronVonGames-torpedus king,Slickbee-dieing first
    king (this was not supposed to hurt anyone :D)

  85. Omg i thiught thus searues died

  86. So annoying that the ship with one of the longest recorded battery strikes
    in history only has a range on 14km in wows.

  87. 3:20 The phoenix… I hope you were just trying to use an example to show
    how bad the series was, because the Phoenix is such a terrible fucking
    ship. xD The series was too bland, and we lost out on the funny comedic
    side of you. Yes, your videos are fun to watch, but people are (usually)
    watching your content to have fun, maybe have a laugh themselves. That
    series felt like a school course on ships tbh. Happy to see you’re happy to
    drop it though. Much love Phly. <3

  88. More World of Warships Pls

  89. World of warships is a great game world of tanks is not good


  91. can you play the izumo

  92. @PhlyDaily where is the link to that flameyou guy or whatever you called
    him with the yamato secondary video

  93. Lexington

  94. Captain Phly, can you sail out the Iowa class battleship? If it can smash
    an alien spacecraft into pieces, it can definitely take out some ships

  95. If you’re not enjoying the series it makes sense to not go through with it.
    The viewers can tell when you’re not into it and reflects the quality of
    video. If you’re having fun then so are the viewers.

  96. Please play the USS Iowa

  97. Don’t stooop

  98. yes Phly plez plez plez more World of Warships!

  99. You’re not trying to be jingles

  100. you forgot the link to flamu?? I think you called him? , also take a look
    at Notser playing, prolly one of the best Wows players I ever seen

  101. Sail the Zao again Phly!

  102. Bring out that savage ass St Louie Phly!!! MORE SHIPS THO!!!!!

  103. yo phly it’s your channel, if you don’t enjoy a serie, just stop it. anyway
    your videos are already epic and are more epic when you are having fun!!

  104. north carolina please i cant sail it verry well my self and i would like to
    see u try it outt phly

  105. I’m coming up on the Colorado. I hear that it’s not a good ship. How about
    playing the Colorado? Oh, love the videos on WoT and WoWs. Keep up the
    great work.

  106. do the tier 6 cruseir USA :D

  107. Fuck yes!! I’m so glad warships is back you’re the reason I started playing

  108. Honestly i never watched the sail them all series anyway because they were
    too long.

  109. i hate world of tanks and world of war planes (cause war thunder better :*)
    but world of warship is pretty good

  110. HMS Warspite… my Great-Grand Father served on her from ~1934-1944

  111. I just unlocked the Nurnberg, I would love to see your style of gameplay.
    The rapid fire long range guns are brutal! There is some debate that German
    AP has more pen and is the better choice for the majority of your shots,
    even against BB’s.

  112. Love your opening its epic

  113. Does world of warships work in Windows 10?

  114. montana

  115. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don’t stop it

  116. +PhlyDaily love your videos mate, keep doing you and we’ll keep watching!

  117. yes plz more MORE MORE!!!

  118. Take out the Roon (OP as fuk) or the Amagi, or any USN DD over tier 5.

  119. use Premium heal for 1 extra charge

  120. Flamu rocks :)

  121. Liam the dark angel.

    R.I.P Warspite, you were a beast of the sea and a true portrait of British
    engineering ( Harriers, TOGS, And much more ) You should have been allowed
    to stay afloat but you were torn apart for scrap… R.I.P Queen of the sea

  122. The Minekaze may be the best ship in the game as long as it can avoid other
    DDs. Those fast torps are rocking good.

  123. in war thunder plz

  124. PLZ make a Video
    of German vs Russian
    Strength and weakness

  125. RIP ANOTHER SERIES, but its ok Phly, i will always love you <3

  126. is the missouri in this game

  127. why does the warspites icon look so weird? looks like a submarine

  128. Play the Nürnberg. One of my favourite ships; despite its weak amour.

  129. Do you have a mod installed that shows how much you would repair with each
    use of the consumable?


  131. Agent_nick _5000 (AgentNick5000)

    keep this series!? !! I can see ships I don’t hear ?

  132. Play the Mikhail Kutuzov

  133. Phlydaliy hope you make great vids and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to you man

  134. Just do what makes you happy, When you aren’t happy with what you’re doing
    at some point Views are going to reflect that, While i don’t watch all your
    vids, i do enjoy those that i do watch,

  135. Phly phly the Flying thrash can the Bf-109 G-6 Please

  136. I think it’s best to remain committed to yourself first (As a YouTuber).

    There may be some ancient Japanese proverb out there that summarizes this
    situation best lol

  137. RIP another series ….

  138. do the Ronn T9 cruiser with flamu !

  139. Play the FurryTaco. those 203mm at T5 is OP! ty for the great videos Phly

  140. MORE WORLD OF WARSHIPS! Plus continue your all tier series please!

  141. I would like you yo play a comparison between all 4 tier 8 cruisers, the
    Mogami should be tested with both cal. Guns. You could do this in 2 vids id

  142. Kasper Andreas Thesbjerg

    im just wondering why you are not useing the ”alternative battle interface
    mode” in control settings that way you wont have to press alt to see
    health and that stuff

  143. I vote New Mexico. Great armour, effective guns. I think it will be
    forgiving and a great time filled with ridiculous firepower.

  144. One question do anyone now haw to get an epic in your ships?

  145. Sail out Chester the Molester!!!

  146. I support you Phly, even though I really enjoyed the “sail them all”
    series. Do whatever you enjoy and let your happiness bleed through my

  147. I agree, sail them all was a failure.

  148. Who was the guy he said to check out?

  149. Is there anyway to get the Pennsylvania -Class ship on the game? I wanna
    use my Arizona :T

  150. More World of Warships!

  151. moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore please sir. I vote that you
    sail whatever ship you want to. I enjoy them man. I want the warspite

  152. Radamel Falcao García Zarate

    Play the roon cruiser

  153. +PhlyDaily Every time i watch this intro it reminds me of FrankieOnPc

  154. You should have used your repairs M8.

  155. can anybody explain to me what the grayed part is of the health bar at 6:00?
    I have played the game, but am still a noob at it. Right now my guess that
    would be a torpedo belt, but dont know for sure.

  156. phly play the pepsi cola plx

  157. More World of Worships please!

  158. Hope they will add some mor british ships soon

  159. how many fags have commented “1st” or “man im early”

  160. Also got any ship ideas for me?

  161. 9 minutes ago!!!! XD

  162. The Sexy Fuso/Hindenburg!

  163. First.

  164. first? no? ?

  165. Man I’m early.

  166. Phly your awesome

  167. plz play company of heroes 2

  168. *So I hope you guys understand why I did what I did. Being able to be true
    with you guys and with myself will reflect in videos future. Thanks for
    always being there boys, HERE to 2016!*

  169. Evelina Giannoulidi

    third comment

  170. tiger_swami (Aeden Conner)


  171. Waiting so long now its here thx m8

  172. first comment

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