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Claim your spooky Twitch challenge inside the ‘Twitch Rewards in 0.8.9’ article!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Do I need my phone number for this to work?

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Hello Sonic! No, there is no need to add your phone number for this to work.

      Greetings, Crysantos

  2. Prior to WG removing drops from Twitch I was receiving crates, since then I’ve had nothing.
    Oh well.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Hi Kamanah! Can you relink your account and check whether this fixed it for you? Otherwise please send me a PM on the EU forums.
      Greetings, Crysantos

    • I’ve now de linked and re linked my account. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.

  3. Alessandro Ippolito

    “Eventually” make me laugh

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    You can find our official World of Warships channel here:
    Let us know what kind of content you would like to see on our streams! If you had any issues with Twitch Drops – please relink your account in your profile.

  5. “Several” is that a number? How many per patch?

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Currently you can earn up to 5 Twitch containers per update cycle. We kept this a bit more generic in case this number changes in the future 🙂

      Greetings, Crysantos

    • @World of Warships Official Channel why only 5 drops

    • @World of Warships Official Channel
      What are the percentage chances of getting a drop? is it set at a time interval to be guaranteed or is it totally random/by chance?

  6. What is the “certain amount of time” needed?

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      We don’t disclose this – but it’s a reasonable amount and you should definitely have something in your port after watching a few hours.

      Greetings, Crysantos

    • @World of Warships Official Channel
      I was expecting that ?

  7. Why did the premium port naval base was removed :C

  8. The past week the Twitch notification tell me i got 1 container and 2 missions yet got only the container, probably was some kind of mistake but will try in the today’ss stream again

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Nilus, like we stated in the video the notifications stack on Twitch – so if you e.g. received a mission last week and one this week, it will state that you received 2 missions. We can’t change that – this is the way Twitch displays it (unfortunately).

      Greetings, Crysantos

  9. Can i get a twitch drop on a stream that has me listed as away instead of online?

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Cute, that should work, too – this is more on Twitch’s side than ours. Just try it out – if you don’t get drops after watching several hours, then Twitch doesn’t accept that.

      Greetings, Crysantos

    • @World of Warships Official Channel Thank’s for reply.

  10. Nice vid, and agreed on dark mode. Dark mode needs to be offered for everything.

  11. Was easter egg that account was from Czechia ?? (I am from Czechia)

  12. Did get a personal mission, accepted and when i look in personal assignment i cant see it.

  13. I think this will help answer viewer’s question “what are Twitch drops?” Good video guys. ?

  14. I got a twitch mission a few minutes after clicking to participate in a new twitch mission drop i seen on twitch wow game center while watching a warship stream.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      You got the same mission then – you have the chance to get the next one in week 2 (so starting the 24th of October)!

      Greetings, Crysantos

  15. Will this be available for World of Warship Blitz in the Future?

  16. Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie

    Ah Dark mode quality

  17. What about legends? Does this work with console?

  18. Mr_Gibs HYPE!

  19. Hello I have questions how can I contant my account ps4 to you so I can claim the twitch box

  20. time to afk on a stream

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