Two Brothers middle EPIC win || World of Warships

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  1. TeufelHund, lol! They are so lucky there wasn’t a DD spamming torps down the middle like there usually is. He would have wrecked them. Also, Hund’s rear guns were constantly pointing the wrong way, not good management 😛 But fun game anyway.

    • Also they were lucky the team held on as long as they did, enabling them to do what they did. Certainly no fun game for the rest of the team.
      And worse, now every 40% for fun player thinks he can do that too.

    • His guns point in the right direction for most of the game. It’s only in the last minuts he can’t keep up as he’s surrounded by ships on several sides and they keep popping in and out of cover. His target priority is excellent.

    • Look at the first minutes again, the guns were constantly on the wrong side.

    • Thank you for noticing Rusty. 🙂

  2. Nice teamwork though

  3. Stupid selfish division tactic. One out of three times it might work the other two you destroy your team’s chances. Only reason this worked was poor play by opposition and the fact the cyclone was on. By the time they reached enemy base the team were already 2 caps down and down on ships likely due to the lack of support from this division.

    • Aggressive gameplay also wins this game, three BBs coming down the middle is enough to make anyone Run. sitting in the back waiting for the enemy to make a stupid move it sometimes not a good idea.

    • The rest of the team lost because no one did anything sensible.

    • +10469 Sorry calling bullsh!t on that one. Aggressive play would be pushing a cap. Classic case of thinking more of your division than the team. Agreed about BB’s sitting at the back all the time but this is a gimmick tactic that fails more than it succeeds. If YouTubers would stop publicising it maybe people would play better.

    • +Thinking Mantis That and the fact they were missing BB backup so had to fall back on both sides.

    • eldridgep2 I ha r done it more then once .. and won , 3 BB’s pushing up the middle is having s to take on.

  4. Nice das nenne ich mal BB Gameplay, nicht dieses Max Range PUSSY Gehabe was derzeit in fast jeder Runde statt findet! NICE ??

  5. Drei Premium Nahkampf Monster.?

  6. Every one start to say you were lucky………….wows is always lucky RNG need to there with you This division is cancer in Secondary no dd can survive against the sec of tripz and mass. 3 ships did not show their broadside pushed equally so enemy team there will be some noobs and some good players. Good players know how to stop the aggressive push but noobs they will start to run…….then solo ship will die and all start to say noob ship……NOw low tier have more inexperienced players. play for fun .Fun and Engaging.

  7. This is why WOW is amazing that it offers the opportunity to win something like this. When it comes to WOT 3 heavy tanks cannot win by pushing the midway of Karelia…​

  8. The salt and negative comments are hilarious. Games are meant to be enjoyed and we did exactly that. Was an awesome laugh and comms was roaring lol. We know that tactic is most commonly death so we waited for their dd’s to commit to a side. Then it was right up main street for a win, albeit lucky yes, but winning is wining 🙂

    • アドミラルヒッパー

      The Hund
      Wow I like “this is a game”
      If it didn’t work,that’s a stupid. Because stupidly push makes people (want to win just for fun) disappointed so much.

  9. miguel angel guisao lopez

    Sigue así amigo trae más vídeos así al canal son muy épicos me gustan muchos tus vídeos por favor sube más así soy muy seguidor de tus vídeos gracias Ojalá que traigas más conténido como ese al canal

  10. nice!!!

  11. Absolutly great, the direct way to beginning the game with a team!

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Truly epic!! That’s how to play a division, close team work and well played tactics.. And concentrated fire balls deep, GG…..?

  13. that’s how it’s meant to be played! that’s fun…not so much for the other team though :-). but on this map, maybe 1 out of 50 times you get the right setting: not too many dds, no CV and no suicidal enemy (usually a cruiser or destroyer) who sails down the middle alone and spots you there ahead of time 🙂

  14. 4:58 does that plane just go through the mountain?

  15. 戰艦世界的小屋

    DONT teach this idot Tactics.Someone will increase the difficulty of the game

  16. that poor NoCa found itself in a Gangbang…

  17. Mir macht es zur Zeit keinen Spass mehr
    Meine Tirpitz brennt nur noch und schäden mach ich auch keinen mehr ?

  18. Who’d have guessed it, Teamwork works 🙂 OP though 🙂 The teamwork I mean, considering the norm for a random battle is more like dropping a handful of marbles onto rough concrete 🙂

  19. Luckily there were no spotting planes as you were going up mid, great game though.

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