TWO IDIOTS SINK THE YAMATO – World Of Warships Ft Bokoen1

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  1. what hoi4 mod is this?

  2. A non HOI4 video what is this insanity?

  3. The German Empire


  4. How do you even kill the supreme god of warships?

  5. Flavius Belasarius

    This is part 2
    Part 1 was in ww2 it was called : sinking the bismarck

  6. Best crossover event since the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

  7. What Hoi4 mod is this?

  8. UPDATE: I learned how to clean the mayonnaise from my clothes but now my dad wants to blindfolded wrestle all the time so im not wearing clothes in the house anymore. How do I get mayonnaise out of my hair?

  9. as a world of warship player, that was the equivalent of watching you truck into moscow

  10. In before the worst part of WT community shows up and starts discrediting us with their behavior…

    • War Thunder and wargaming games are both shit

    • jevry lmao they nerfed the calliope to shit. You should’ve used the IS6 as an example

    • Chromosome Extract

      jevry lmao there are premiums that can only be bought with irl money in all WG games. At least most WT premiums can be bought with GE. The Calliope is relatively easy to destroy, anyway…..

    • Wargaming is cancer
      Saying anything else is supporting their terrible business practices like Literally Pay to Win with Premiums (yeah the IS-6 and premiums are bad but none are blatantly OP) and let’s not get into World of Cancer Premium pay to ignore armor Shells
      Also Matchmaking makes facing 1972 tanks with 1945 tanks fair in comparison

    • Soy de River soy de River yo soy

      world of tanks is cancer, as for world of warships, its the best game for ship vs ship engagements.
      but in air and ground, WT is obviusly the better one

  11. put the mod in the description

  12. The preview of Man the Guns dlc is pretty good!

  13. Just waiting for the five comments by sam patterson

  14. Is this Victoria 3?

  15. New Heart of Iron 4: Man the Guns DLC leak :v

  16. Християн лазаров

    11:16 Just put him out of his misery ISP!

  17. If the Japanese had Flex Tape, they would win the Pacific Theather easily

  18. I’m interested…

  19. *Into Megaphone*
    *Lowers Megaphone*
    *Thinks up some shit*
    *Raises Megaphone*
    *Drops Megaphone*

    As an accredited member of the Yogscast, ISP should be using that intro.

  20. FuriousBadgerGaming

    ‘I blame Tojo for Pearl Harbour’ immediately as you say that I get an ad for Japan Airlines

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