U-69 – 2nd test EVEN STRONGER – World of Warships

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Submarine 2nd test: https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/public-test/public-test-094/
Player: VitaePiravi on EU Server

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  1. Karl donitz pround with your bro

  2. Yannick Marx-Becker

    very boring, im not interested in this class….. Btw. Wg will rip the Balance ingame totally with subs im afraid :/

    • Honestly i agree, it looks extremely dull and boring to play :/

    • Some Random Horse

      that… how submarine work irl too… didnt do jackshit, cramped space, not much to do.

    • Yannick Marx-Becker

      @Some Random Horse ja true but for no reason to play it or forced to Deal with it in Random battels. When WG bring subs for Operation Mission then ok. But for now subs dont fit the Game… Like cvs

  3. They still need to remove subs’ ability to citadel ships when their torps hit.

  4. How do you play this test version?

  5. So you cant fight submarines as a normal ship?
    If so this is very unbalanced.

    • You can, but is tricky and hard, the German DDs have hidro so they can find them faster while the French due to fast speed can dodge the torps easily

  6. Is there a way to see the ships sinking underwater or do they just disappear?

  7. U thousand someting will be crazy op

  8. There are only two type of warship, submarine and any other ship else
    World of submarine now.

  9. It’s going to be a total shit show when it hits random battles. The only counter will be Lt cruisers,DD and aircraft. DD’s and cruisers will have to dodge incoming fire and still deal with the subs. WG it will be fine, BC the spreadsheet says so……

    • What does their spreadsheets have to do with it? The real problem is that WG is a Russian company that only cares about curing their Tsushima syndrome.

    • Mungo McGhee: So what you’re saying is they have a huge chip on their shoulder! The little man complex……

  10. Dieses Anpingen ist ja ein Witz! Warum nicht gleich mit Torpedovorhalterechner, wie in SH?!?! Aber leider ist ja WoWs ein Arcade und keine SIM.

  11. If she can move at 22knot at periscope depth, there’s no advantage to surfacing.If we can track and attack the enemy while still underwater, then the periscope depth means very little.I think the gimmick is a lot better, but the rough setting bothers me.And we need a submarine-to-submarine combat system.

  12. Как можно быть таким косым?!?

  13. Thanks for sharing my replay ❤️ Adamsın reis

  14. homing torpedo?? torpedo citadel?? 22konts underwater?? what were wargaming thinking? now we need anti sub helicopter

  15. I doubt anyone will play BBs or CAs when this is released. It’ll be submarines vs. DDs and those CLs that have depth charges.

  16. I’m fine with arcade games but WoWs is turned in a fantasy game. I expect Smaug in the next realease

  17. Some developers just want to watch the oceans burn.

  18. They’d better revise the obstructed view when zoomed onboard a sub (or onboard at least one of the featured models of subs, so far).

  19. As some others have mentioned in the comments sections of some other clips, perhaps there should be another (new) game mode; say, for instance, convoy mode, in which are featured submarines, and so submarines maybe ought not be featured nor present in the more standard modes of the game, per se. In such a hypothetical mode as this, of course, there could be present, against a wolfpack of submarines, destroyers, maybe a light cruiser or more than one of such, and/or something else, etc., and perhaps AI-controlled merchant vessels, etc. This concept is not difficult to conceive; it is just a basic idea, at least.

  20. R.I.P BB players lmao

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