U-69 || A real Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. its from the testserver ( 0.9.4) the replay is a bit buggy like always – ist looking really great on the testserver…but i am not really sure how they going to balance this……. an anti submarine video will follow soon

    • What do you think about destroyers with hydro (for exemple, like a gaede)? I tested that out and submarines can’t do shit if they are alone, they can’t disengage and submarine torpedoes are a complete joke to destroyers (in the replay, the destroyer touched by a torpedo was slowing down, at full speed it’s almost impossible)

    • The best to ideas balance subs are to:
      Reduce their underwater speed and increase the rate of battery drain by 20 percent every quarter of throttle used.
      Make them surface to reload torpedoes and recharge batteries once again to allow surface warships to quickly destroy them iff they overextend behind enemy lines.
      Add a gameplay mechanic whereby when the submarine pings or uses the underwater sonar that should be toggle-able any light cruiser or dd should instantly spot them under 3 Km and should send out a warning to every enemy ship that says “Enemy Sonar Detected” “Evasive Manoeuvres Recommended”.

    • they will put anti submarine torps, in the russian ships ofcourse.

  2. surface warships: …

    submarines: theres nowhere to hide now..

  3. The fact you can completely by-pass TDS with the pings makes it way too easy to devastate BBs. Unless DD and possibly CV have some ability to just as easily cripple over-eager subs, this is going to be a bigger disaster than the CV rework.

    • @Marco Antonio Bussolo yes. Dds: Capture, defend, scout, spot, smoke, kill subs Cs: support, BBs: blap things. Like, dds have SO much they have to do it is impossible to play them. This game is just making the stupidest decisions imaginable

    • @Marvin Kim DDs and CLs. And I say “counter.” Shooting no longer does anything basically. They have to be mostly up to hit them, and they are tiny. Then you have depth charges, that require you to rush in like an idiot, and all the SS needs to do is hit T and hold C, because it allows them to dive to a depth where even charges won’t hit them. Yay.

    • @alec whitaker But no submarine is stupid enough to sail at periscope depth. Ive was sailing subs all day yesterday, and sailed dds to sink them. I didnt shoot 1 submarine with main guns

    • Give CV’s an anti-sub squadron, which fires two sonar torps into the water.

    • @Zilla active anti-sub torpedoes didn’t come into widespread circulation before the Cold War.

      However during WW2, SB2C helldivers were dropped depth charges directly onto subs from CVs which they can add to the loadout (just like DDs) to dive bombers.

  4. I hope the French will have the Surcouf submarine

  5. Will they add carriers with depth charges for the planes?

  6. Abdelrhman Eleimy

    I think now the ship realistically will sink and tbe submarines can observe the wreckage ?!?!

  7. Citadeling torps are not ok

    • Dante Redgrave torps can citadel from underneath the waterline.. easily too. The torps are in fact 533mm 🤭

    • @LocoDz I know. But *Homming Citadeling* torps that can one shot a BB or cut its HP more than half are as bad, or even worse than AP dive bombers. Subs will be cancerous, more so than CVs if this goes through.

  8. A real Kraken would be in a game that doesn’t have bots filling half or more of the enemy team…. just saying

  9. I feel sorry for those who play with battleships.

    • Anderson Moreira RIP me! I am a BB and CV main!

    • @Who Cares I hope so, bro!

    • @Steffen M. I’m already saying goodbye to my GK lol

    • I don’t, their camping and damage farming stagnated the game. WG has rewarded the BB players with the most brain dead ships any child can control. This is not going to break the game, because the subs are so vulnerable to destroyers. But, I do not feel sorry for the BB BABIES who want to just camp and farm damage!

    • Anderson Moreira it is comfirmed that subs will be in 0.9.4, and it will be in a different game mode with tier 6 only

  10. The end is near

  11. They should give dd’s and some cruisers depth charges and CV’s sub hunting planes if they are going to add subs like this. These are pretty broken otherwise.

    • @Francisco Lallana in game? I guess I haven’t seen any gameplay of that yet, good to know.

    • @Francisco Lallana just saw flamu’s vid and he showed a ship dropping depth charges.

    • @badtz maru 7:07

    • ​@badtz maru DDs are useless against subs, the sub simply dives and keeps the DD Perma spotted while pinging which keeps the DD spotted even behind islands and inside smoke, the DD dies before ever dropping depth charges and guess what, they added a depth charge mitigation skill for subs this patch so ones a DD is finally able to drop on you you can pretty much become indestructible for depth charges for a while…. this game will become 100 % FUBAR once the subs are released.

    • Doritos Ice cream

      Is better to all ships with depth charges

  12. Sooo now battleships are LITERALLY useless because everything in the game is designed to kill them…

    • Boo Hoo, now the Battleships have to actually MOVE around instead of just in reverse while they stupidly bow tank then ram each other like morons.

    • @tamenga88 false, batleships are not buitl because modern ballistics would make them not capable of hit at long distances since a sabot of such a calibre would have a smaller fall than the curvature of the earth.
      also missiles are way more cheap than cannons.

    • @The Mandalorian germans had sound and magnetic guided electic torps in the 30s so…

    • @santiago perez

      HEY TWAT!
      Learn to properly use English Grammar okay?

    • @tamenga88 a keytyping mistake its agrammar error for u? learn to use your brain, im probably way better english speaker than you, native ass.

  13. Theres a reason why all surface ships are called targets by submariners. If wargaming wants to make it balanced they can limit the amount of torpedoes the subs have. Or make the payout for playing a sub incredibly low. Otherwise gg adjusting to modern combat irl but with less missiles.

    • Or make it so the subs automatically surface after a period of time. And remove the torp citadel bullshit, like what is that?! And not have the torps home in that hard! You could shoot the torps 120° from where the ship is and still hit it. I mean, I really want subs in the game. Steel ocean got subs right, but got everything else wrong. I don’t know how WG messed this up so bad 😂 all they had to do was make it so that the subs would be able to be hit (ie. They had to surface due to depletion of oxygen or something (not to recharge their citadel battery machine which is optional lol))

    • And on top of that, the deep dive consumable…. Sure that should mitigate some damage, but it better be the case (doubt it) where if a depth charge is right on the money, it will deal a significant amount of damage…

    • Samuli Vainionpaa

      subs should be completely blind while underwater

  14. So basically battleships are sitting ducks now.🤦

  15. surface ship: I can dodge torp
    sonar: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  16. A tier 6 vehicle should not be able to do 55k+ damage in a single Salvo… there is no balance in the subs currently

  17. The easiest way to balance this is to give subs extremely short ranged but powerful torps. This way subs have to position themselves really close to their targets to attack, and allows DDs to punish over eager submarines.

  18. Battleships belike:why do I heard boss music?!

  19. Knowing WG we will probably have the typhoon as a soviet t10 premium.

  20. Submariners have a saying. “There’s only two types of ships, submarines and targets”

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