U-69: Ranked Kraken with Submarine

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German submarine U-69 replay played by DerHonk1985 (EU)

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station – https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/modstation/
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod


  1. Been away for the last 3 weeks so havnt had an opportunity to play them but looking at this game – what could the 2 enemy surface ships do at the end of this game? They look pretty helpless – why is this in any way good for the game?

  2. Das Boot and Greyhound really proud for this

  3. im just glad that the subs i came across where complete pushovers so far. exept that one guy who killed like half my team, but im pretty sure he would have done that in any other class too, so whatever.

  4. well, that was a perfect play of subs, i try subs on ranked and then i just win without me doing nothing lmao, yes it is hard for me… depth charge mechanism somehow interesting

  5. Paul van den Berg

    Ow my……this is soooooo epic!

  6. A bit OP in capable hands. (This video, Exhibit A) But if Wargaming is going to come out with OP classes, can’t blame someone who knows how to sail them taking them out.

  7. Habib Ainun Syifa F

    Why is the sub drifting?
    Why is the sub so fast?
    Why is the sub posses such clear vision underwater?
    So many questions why WG think this is good idea.

  8. just another reason for me to find a new game….

    • I don’t even play, I just watch streams because I know it’s pay to win. Idk if I can watch anymore.

    • Ironhide’s Customs

      @Rs232 Rj11 it’s not pay to win, as someone who has experience playing the game it really isn’t. There’s always another ship to counter balance a ship that may seem op

    • @Ironhide’s Customs

      Except half of the ships that are better than average are usually locked behind pay walls/loot boxes.

      Same goes for flags nowadays, ever since they completely removed rewards from achievements

  9. That was beautiful


  11. Wargambling has killed this game…

  12. You know Wargaming, it was aircraft that made battleships obsolete, not submarines.

  13. Love the subs, got over 74k with one the other night! Love the environment but need more practice grabbing better angles.

  14. Subs in the game have elevated it from armored checkers matches to more like Chess. Lots more skill and planning an attack than just turning and shooting.

  15. The most kills I have made in one round with my u69 is 3. And I was on a team that skunked the other team one game.

  16. The majority of kills are a direct result of surface action. So he is just playing a DD LOL!

  17. It’s unfair that Submarine is overpowered, somehow there’s a anti submarine warfare, let’s say hedgehog or depths charges has it, but it needed to Time correctly to Destroy it

  18. I’m probably going to quit playing regularly when these stupid things hit randoms.

  19. Damn this makes me wanna get back into the game

  20. hey toptier, just friendly tip if you dont know, you can ping on CV’s on their astern (chasing from astern). you cant ping them on bow or beams. Hope you read this.

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