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  1. Outdoors life Greece

    Phly is the best ❤

  2. Id love to see convoy hunting with the u boat

  3. That U-Boat looks stunning. Props to the mod-developer!

  4. depth charges actually have a use, if it ends up actually being added im gonna love it

  5. *🚀💥💥NEW YEAR SALE LINK💥💥 – **https://goo.gl/4xJbSH** o7o7*
    Download the U-Boat Mission now! https://live.warthunder.com/post/1060465/en/
    Many thanks to Polaska for this wonderful implemented model!

  6. it would be actually sick if they added subs but i think it would shift naval meta away from massive ships and more towards smaller more manurable ships and i think it would make naval fun again

    • @Aiden Lim I guess a part of it is that all of that doesn’t give Gaijin money, but new submarine premiums do. If subs drop, I plan to play a lot of naval and capitalise on the swarm of new players to actually get some ground in the trees.

    • @CarrotT Ha ha dream on.

    • @SpriteZero Xxx We already have space ships in the game, they are called Spitfires.

    • @CarrotT it shows, torps are incredibly situational, the only reliable one is the type 93 (wich wasn’t used on subs), battleships can reliably eat them without issues and cruisers aren’t far off, but as the other guy said subs are slow (at an insane level) they were deisgned for a pourpuse that in wt doesn’t exist (convoy hunting) so they will be exeptionally boring to play

    • Actually some people found submarine voice lines in the files! as well as french naval!

  7. Mod creator here once more, I just want to say, without Avarik, GrumpyStranger, and RideR2 help, this couldnt be made possible, thanks to them too, and happy holidays everyone!

  8. The AA firing while underwater is a nice touch 😉

  9. Imagine instead of needing to fly to nuke, you could use ballistic missle

  10. If this was in game I would 100% play naval battles all day. The GreyWolf is hungry.

  11. Seeing as they already have sub-hunter ships, I fully believe submarines are coming soon. Very exciting

  12. Definitely do a convoy hunt with the sub. That looks like it will be pretty cool to do

  13. Subs would be really sick cause they would almost guarantee the playing of smaller “sub chasers” (a class of ship we already have in-game) or destroyers alongside battlecruisers and battleships. This would actually make for a really fun rework to naval that is more than the simple “duking it out between battleships” we currently have.

    However, I think war thunder would be best off with a system similar to world of warships regarding their submarines that utilize “preset depths” with maybe a bit more customizability. I personally thought that the April fools event controls were very tedious and awkward. Otherwise, I totally agree that subs will come to the game within maybe 2 updates

    Edited for grammar

    • I would love if we could do stuff like convoys and things like that with subs in naval EC (Enduring confrontation), recently started playing naval and for some reason I still don’t have the vehicles to go there, but if it is like air sim EC’s, then adding subs to that would be just perfect.

    • Nah the battleships would wipe the map clean of the sub chasers and destroyers long before they can try to hunt the subs.

  14. Considering they tested U-Boats a few years ago, and now they’re doing this, we might actually see these become a part of the game after all. cant wait!

  15. I hope certain ships already in WT finally get their ASW systems implemented/reworked. The Köln-class frigates and Mitscher-class destroyer leaders for example both have ASW torpedoes onboard, but they are currently just implemented as slow and weak unguided torps without their homing system modeled.

  16. 14:27 it would be cool if the turrets of the battleship would fall out onto the ocean floor at a quicker rate than the rest of the ship! I don’t know if the Hood had turret ring locks but it would still be cool.

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  17. I know it would be hard to implement, but I would love to see a mechanic where ships can be blown into separate large pieces with a sizeable-enough explosion, eg a torpedo or two breaking the back of a destroyer.

  18. To their own shore!
    Came the World War!
    Gleaves and Ingham leading the Bury west

    In their own track!
    Came the wolfpack!
    Gleaves led the convoy into the hornet’s nest!

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  19. Submerged u-boat speeds was less than 10 knot… In actual game play you would need to cruise on the surface and only submerge for an attack. Just like IRL.

    I would love if they added this to the game fer reals.

  20. It’s actually easier to build a spaceship because it’s just a vacuum in space no pressure but the deaper you go in the ocean the stronger and stronger ther pressure gets

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