Udaloi – 246k dmg, 2,8k base exp ||| World of Warships

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Player: Kexton
Map: Tears Desert

User Description:

When the stars align and your somewhat random torps hit things

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  1. Damn! GG nice game, saw it on the website when I posted my Khaba game 🙁 2
    l8 4 me m8 :D

  2. 1 ping only ….

  3. interesting intro

  4. Would have been better playing Hunt for Red Oktober background music, but
    all in all good.

  5. well played!! you can learn from this THX

  6. very nice .)

  7. Are You actually play the game ? If so, what’s You’r in game name ? Ive
    seen many Panzerknackers.. :)

  8. Udaloi, a DD is doing more damage with its guns than Mogami do to a Tier X

  9. Talk about 1 david vs 3 Goliaths. Guess that’s why its called Hunt for Red

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