Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts (Alpha) / “Super Fuso isn’t real, it can’t hurt you”

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Well actually…




  1. 17:40 The French Danton class of pre-dreadnoughts had 5 funnels, most grand! Maybe there’ll be a French DLC, with funnel packs. 🙂
    Pretty interesting, and quite promising, I’m looking forward to seeing more from it.

  2. I just hope there is an eventual multiplayer with some sort of calculated “score” matchmaking like a naval Crossout

  3. Quite the coincidence. I’ve been watching YT vids on this game the past two days, in particular by a gent named Alekius (who seems to actually have some grasp of naval design and history). And you’re quite right, this is like Rule the Waves with some major improvements as far as graphics, control, and quality of life. Yes, the price for buying into the game right now is rather steep – but then I look at the amounts I’ve spent on WoWS over the past 4 years, who charges nearly twice as much for a single premium ship, as what these gents want for early access…… yeah…..

    Also, nice to hear you’re a fellow follower of Drachinifel and his tongue in cheek humor.

  4. You can get access to the 18″ guns in your own designs. In that final mission if you selected more tech instead of more funds it would allow you to have the 432mm and 457mm option, as well as lightweight diesel engines, better range finders and the super powerful Radar Mk2 which makes the guns significantly more accurate at range, allowing you to kite the entire enemy fleet at ~17km very effectively.

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      For that one I squeezed two ships out if the better tech budget by dropping the belt armor down to practically nothing… Well 200mm.
      Gave them every single accuracy upgrade, and some decent engine speed. I could comfortable out pace and range them them while having about 60% with 20 Yamato guns.

      The only thing I ended up fighting was the risk of the game crashing

    • Yeah I just built a 15x18inch gun BB, my second salvo from the front two turrets scored a hit on the bow of the first enemy ship and removed 25% of it’s structure, at ~21km range 😀

    • That makes SUCH a huge difference, wow. I messed around with some 16-inch guns + radar, but only the 18-inchers really seem to have the stopping power plus accuracy in that final scenario (though to be fair I’ve not tried the 17-inch option yet).

  5. Centerline+wing turrets. I believe a 30-gun broadside is possible. In my heart of hearts, I believe.

    • @Fool’s Slick and Folly’s Fortune Please. I beg of you.

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      @Magister R’yleth good news, they have different pools. You can have up to seven main guns and six side guns. For the last mission at least. You’re probably going to go with a pretty small caliber if you want them to all fit tho.

      I’ll post a photo with the best I can do

    • @Fool’s Slick and Folly’s Fortune How’d it go? Was my absurd age-of-sail design doable?

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      @Magister R’yleth it did better than a traditional design against lighter ships simply due to the volume of fire.

      Against the two battleships it struggled more, as to bring my guns to bear I pretty much had to be broadside on And I had to sacrifice caliber to get the guns small enough to fit as many as I did. Most of the side guns were 13 or 14in.

      Before I could see if a knife fight would end in my favor the game crashed

    • @Fool’s Slick and Folly’s Fortune Damn. It would seem those close-minded narrow thinkers who made this game didn’t optimize it for true brilliance. Oh well. I reckon if you make it really fast and arm it with 9-11″ guns, it’d make the world’s best super cruiser. Heck, you might even have enough room for more guns. I’m American if you couldn’t tell.

  6. Nobody:


  7. I know what made those three super-Fuso’s so tough – it was those gigantic coal bunkers necessary for reaching 30 knots that were absorbing all the hits……

    Visions of trying out realistic versions of the 1920’s South Dakotas and Lexington battlecruisers, the G3’s and N3’s, and the Montana’s flitting thru my head.

    Montana – “Muh twelve 16 inch guns”

    Super-Fuso – “Hold my sake”

  8. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Hey did Jedi ever play From the Depths? Call him talking about it but that might just be me mixing him up with Lathland

    • I’ve seen some videos, never played it though. This is of more interest to me because of the historical context it’s set in, honestly.

  9. Is this a stand alone, or does it require continuous access like WOWS does?

    • I just did a quick test.

      You do need an internet connection to run the launcher (also to log into your account) but once I had the game running I disabled my network and it kept running fine, I jumped into one of the Naval Academy missions (your only option at this stage of development), built my ship (auto-gen to save time) and loaded into the mission without issue.

      That said it’s early days in the dev cycle of this game so things may change when it comes closer to beta then release, I would hope though that unless multiplayer is implemented that they’ll allow semi-offline play (ie. you need a connection to launch but once running you can do all single player without needing a constant connection).

      EDIT: should also say that I hope that even if MP is added that they’ll still allow offline SP.

    • @Alexander Klein If it comes out as stand-alone, I will get it in a heartbeat. I want something I can play on long (i.e. trans-Pacific) airline flights, where connection to the internet is either impossible or ridiculously expensive.

    • The alpha version uses its own game, launcher requiring Internet access.
      The full game they say will be released on Steam (the devs will give pre-purchasers a Steam key), so you might be able to run it without an Internet connection.

  10. “making sense”…

    So he puts base rangefinders on super-fusos instead of long range ones that could work better in those ships’s comfort zone since he forgot about secondary guns…

    Dear Jedi, please, do re-try THAT scenario as an artillery sniper instead of close-up brawler if you only have long range armament…

    • At this stage he’s just trying to show off the mechanisms rather than build a cohesive design for the ages. The fact that he currently can’t save it means there’s little point in trying too hard to optimise his design.

  11. honestly think this game looks interesting, for an Alpha build? has potential, will probably buy it 🙂

  12. I would love another game like Enigma: Rising tide. first person, single player campaign naval games.

  13. (cough)

  14. Atlantic fleet… is the game jingle’s covered. And yes it’s turn based.

  15. Builds BBs with 18 main gun barrels, points the perpendicular to the enemy fleet and orders them to fire on the one ship they can only get one turret to bear on.

    Much tactics, such wow.

  16. Any cruiser sporting 11″ guns in triple turrets is technically either a “battlecruiser” or “pocket battleship”. Very informative video. Can’t wait for Campaign mode to ship out.

  17. Is it a Russian designed game Jedi? Beaty and his signal officer, a pair of arseholes by the way.

  18. 29:00 I have NO IDEA how all of those shells missed

  19. I can’t wait until they finish this game. There is so many good ways it can be expanded.

  20. I think I’m going to buy it next month for only one reason, you get to design and build your own ships. That interests me.

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