Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts // German Campaign, 1900 (Pt.2)

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  1. Deck-mounted torpedo tubes on German capital ships in WW2 was more of a nod to their intended role – that of commerce raiding, than anything else.

  2. As far as reloading deck-mounted torpedo tubes at sea, to the best of my knowledge, the Japanese Navy were the only ones to attempt this as standard doctrine and carry reloads on board. Even at that, this was conceived before the advent of radar, and intended to be used during night battles, in mass torpedo attacks to conduct attrition on an enemy fleet, before the main fleet showed up for the “decisive battle”. Even then, the idea was that after the initial salvo, the torpedo equipped ships would withdraw from the immediate battle area, conduct their reloads in relative safety, and then return for a second attack.
    The Japanese adopted this doctrine of heavy reliance on night time torpedo attacks during the 1920’s and 30’s, after being left with fewer capital ships than the UK and the US due to the Washington Naval Treaty.

  3. Also, regarding your question if targetting and engaging the enemy would be affected by the position of the sun – absolutely. I remember reading about it in a book about Jutland, that at least the Germans were very careful about how they lined up against the British line going into sunset, since the setting sun on their disengaged side would have silloutted them more sharply for the British range finders, while the British would be harder to make out against the darkening backdrop of the oncoming nightfall.

  4. FYI, a little cheat to find out which direction the enemy ship is in – put your ship under AI control for a few seconds, and it will automatically start steering a beeline for the enemy.

  5. Aloha; heartily agree – mains to target separate targets and the secondary’s to independently engage any targets in range. Mahalo

  6. Humming is still audible, maybe it sounds a bit different and quieter, hard to tell.

    • Unfortunately yes. It’s most noticeable right at the start of the video. It does sound very much like my own PC’s fan – so it’s mostly not very noticeable.

  7. Matthew Wadwell

    Thanks for the video – really enjoying the UA:D campaign!

    Just as a reminder – the _Add Crew_ tickbox is automatically *unchecked* each time you load the game (bug!), so every time you load you have to remember to tick the box….. Wish that they would fix this!

  8. Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space had an intelligence bureau, usually wildly off in their estimates of the other player’s missions and craft 🙂

  9. Yep, you seem to be getting good at this game.

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