Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts // German Campaign, 1900 (Pt.3)

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In which there are cats!



  1. As far as tracking down enemy ships without RDF – if you switch to AI mode for just a few seconds, the AI will automatically steer your ships in the direction of the unseen enemy.

  2. Thomas Bernecky

    Addled cats like Sam? what lovely pets you have/had. Sometimes new cats are fine for top of head grooming, but sometimes not so much?

  3. Matthew Wadwell

    Thanks for the Vid!

    I find it hilarious that both you and the British have CA’s that are larger than your BB’s. It’s like Jackie Fisher was born 20 years early and pushed CA’s instead of BC’s…..

    • He did push CA’s! They were classified as armoured cruisers up until 1910 or -11 IIRC, only then were they re-invented as battle cruisers. But the first generation of them explicitly had the armour suite of the Minotaur class CA’s, so the initial classification was more appropriate.

  4. That’s a shame. I would imagine turquoise cats would be popular. Especially in the Miami area, I could see folks with orange and turquoise cats (the colors of the Miami Dolphins are orange and teal).

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